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A successful lighting plan satisfies the requirements of the space and illumination needs of the users. A well illuminated environment also provides both optimized visibility and greater visual comfort that helps maintain a safe and productive work place. When choosing a new lighting system for long term success, it is critical to consider light levels, light loss factors, uniformity, glare, color rendering index (CRI), and correlated color temperature (CCT).

Reliable lighting in a harsh environment requires rugged materials and precise engineering to maximize safety and assure long-term performance. Holophane’s pioneering research and development has consistently delivered energy efficient, visually pleasing and easy to use luminaires to provide you with the total lowest cost of ownership. This translates to savings in installation, energy consumption and maintenance over the life of the product.


Forward Throw Optic
The new forward throw optic (45F) in the Petrolux® III was designed with your perimeter applications in mind.

• Significantly increases the amount of perimeter forward light by redirecting ‘spill light’
• Provides sufficient vertical illumination
• The reflector is internal to the glass optic - you never have to worry about the maintenance or removal of an external angled reflector reducing overall maintenance costs.

ISD SuperGlass
The introduction of Holophane's ISD SuperGlass™ in the Petrolux® III family performs drastically better than other standard HID systems.

• Significantly lower initial costs through reduced fixture without sacrificing uniformity
• The spun aluminum cover is hermetically sealed for protection from contaminants
• Fully meets IESNA requirements for Full Cut-off reducing perceived ‘sky-glow’ and glare

Prismatite Series
The Prismatite® luminaire is compact, energy efficient, rugged and compatible in demanding environments.

• The highly efficient injection molded prismatic lens distributes light in a broader pattern than its competitors
• Uniformity is excellent as it provides up to 1.7x
• Precisely designed sidewall prisms achieve brightness control that is superior to other lenses
• Luminaire produces up-light component which illuminates the ceiling and minimizes contrast

Thermal Performance Chart

Thermal Performance for P3-Petrolux III
Click to download a PDF of the Holophane Petrolux III Hazardous P3S-P3M_TCodeRatingCharts document. This file will provide you an informative breakdown of Thermal Performance Data for the P3S and P3M models of the Petrolux III Hazardous product line.

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