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Prismatic glass lighting boosts
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Employee safety and quality were the motives for retrofitting the lighting system at Allied Tube and Conduit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The steel manufacturing process in the 400,000 square-foot plant generates dust that tended to collect on the 30-year-old, eight-foot fluorescent fixtures previously used. This residue substantially decreased the effectiveness of the fixtures. Illumination levels measured only 20 to 30 footcandles.
"With the fluorescent system, the atmosphere was dim and cavernous," explained David Hychalk, industrial engineer, Allied Tube and Conduit. "Besides the fact the light levels needed upgraded; over the years, equipment in the plant had been moved so that the old fixtures no longer provided light where it was needed."

Hychalk added that energy efficiency was also a consideration since the Philadelphia area has the fourth highest electrical rates in the country. Cost savings were instrumental in the decision making process.

Fixtures selected for the retrofit are Holophane Prismpack® V units using 400-watt and 1,000-watt clear metal halide lamps. One hundred and four 1,000-watt fixtures are installed in the plant's high bay areas, with nine units utilized for crane lighting. A total of 153 400-watt fixtures are used in the low bay areas.

Fixtures are spaced 16' x 22', mounted 30' in the high bay areas and 17' in the low bay regions. Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was employed to determine the system design - although fixture placement had to be altered in some locations because of duct work, tubing and sprinklers on the ceiling.
Since the retrofit, illumination levels have increased to 60 to 70 footcandles and greater, according to Hychalk. The atmosphere is noticeably brighter.

"The highly efficient Prismpack V fixtures provide a uniform illumination which makes the entire plant appear more evenly lighted. Visibility has increased substantially," Hychalk said.

The Prismpack V fixtures are operating 144 hours each week. Plant personnel are developing a preventive maintenance schedule to maintain the light output, based on how the residue from the manufacturing process affects the glass reflectors and lamps. The Prismpack V units feature borosilicate glass (Endural ®) reflectors that can be wiped clean with a cloth to restore the fixtures to virtually 100 percent of their initial efficiency. "An additional benefit is the reduced replacement and maintenance costs," commented Hychalk.

"Management is very pleased with the lighting," Hychalk concluded. "Not only do the Prismpack V fixtures provide the light levels needed, but they are probably the most cost effective units on the marketplace. We consider them the Cadillac of lighting."


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