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Providing workers with good lighting was a primary objective at Aluminum Shapes, LLC, when the company added a 75,000-square-foot expansion onto its half-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Delair, New Jersey. The plant is an aluminum extrusion operation, producing structural members for trailers and frames for windows and doors.

The lighting system installed in the addition, where most of the tasks are horizontal, is Holophane Prismpack® V fixtures with 400-watt metal halide lamps. According to Al Willis, Aluminum Shapes plant engineer, the main manufacturing area was originally lighted with Holophane fixtures using high pressure sodium lamps. These fixtures are presently being retrofit with metal halide lamps.

"The Holophane units, which we have used since the 1960s, have been well received by employees because of their comfortable, uniform light distribution. We decided to make the change to metal halide lamps because the light is whiter and provides a more pleasing atmosphere. Color rendering was also a factor because of our various shades of anodized product," Willis said.

He describes the environment within the expansion area as "harsh" and indicated that fixture durability and cleanability were, therefore, considerations. The addition houses a large hydraulic press, plus an anodizing operation. The Prismpack® V units feature a borosilicate glass reflector that will not pit or corrode.
Lighting fixtures are mounted at 30 feet, spaced 20-foot on center. Walls in the facility are masonry block.

Willis indicated Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to determine fixture placement and projected footcandle levels. Measured footcandles range from 35 to 45.

"The Prismpack® V units promote safety and a good mental attitude among employees," said Willis.
"Employees have indicated they are pleased with the lighting."

Skylights are installed throughout the addition and reduce the number of hours fixtures are illuminated each day. On an average, the units are lighted about 112 hours per week, and are controlled by circuit breakers. The plant operates three shifts, working seven days a week.

The lighting system will be spot re-lamped and cleaned as needed.


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