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Parking Lots Arrowhead Stadium

Pro sports facility boosts security
with Holophane High Masts

Home to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals, the Jackson County Sports Complex—which houses Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums — is a high traffic area. The facility not only plays host to professional football and baseball, but is used for big-name concerts and other attractions.

Recently, the decision was made to retrofit the 8,000-space parking facility (comprised of 10 parking lots), which was previously lighted with a 1000 watt mercury vapor cut-off system. Three fixtures were mounted on each 50-foot, steel pole, spaced 300 feet part. According to Charles Leava, P.E., Vice President, Shafer, Kline & Warren, P.A., Kansas City, ballast failures had become a problem.

Because the existing system was nearly 24 years old, it was often difficult to find ballasts for replacement. In addition, the parking area had many dark spots, making security an issue. The average maintain light level in the existing parking lot was .6 footcandle with a uniformity of 20 to 1 between poles.

During the retrofit, Holophane HMSTC10 high mast fixtures with 1,000 watt super metal halide lamps were mounted one for one on the 38 existing poles. A total of 114 were installed.

Leava said the decision to use the Holophane units was based on the fixtures' photometrics, plus past experience. Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to show light distribution and to confirm that footcandle levels would be adequate into the parking lots' outer extremities.

"The high mast fixtures have an 89 degree cut-off for excellent light disbursement, with a combination of symmetric and asymmetric distribution patterns to get the illumination where it is needed. The prismatic refractor spreads the lamp image so the fixture brightness is less than the cut-off units." Footcandle levels are 1.1 maintained and the uniformity is 2.9 to 1 between poles.

"The lighting is much more uniform. We don't have the major differences in illumination, and people can see in and around their cars," said Leava. The metal halide lamps improve the color rendition.

Because of the open-bottom design, the Holophane fixtures are easier to maintain. Luminaires formerly used had a closed glass bottom, which would collect bugs and dirt.

The high mast fixtures are round in shape and painted white keeping with the complex's goal to keep everything round as part of its theme.

"Everyone likes the lighting," Leava concluded. "Not only is it a beautiful job, but the fixtures provide the performance we need for a facility of this magnitude."


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