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The equation is simple: More light (without glare) in a retail environment leads to greater visibility and increased consumer comfort. Consumers who perceive a store as pleasant and comfortable will tend to stay longer and are likely to buy more.

Builders Square, a do-it-yourself retail outlet, installed prismatic glass lighting in its new 125,000-sqaure-foot store in Glendale, Colorado (a suburb of Denver), to boost light levels. Whereas other locations, lighted by a variety of low bay fixtures, had measured illumination levels of 35 to 40 footcandles, the design criteria for the new facility was 75 footcandles.

Fixtures installed on the main sales floor are a combination of narrow and wide beam 400 watt metal halide Prismalume® prismatic glass reflector luminaires from Holophane. The units provide 15 to 20 percent uplight to illuminate the white insulated ceiling panels. The open ceiling has exposed duct work and trusses, plus skylights.

"We installed the prismatic glass fixtures to improve the appearance of the store and raise the vertical illumination levels on merchandise," said Dave Attebery, utility manager, Builder's Square, Inc., a K-Mart subsidiary.

Narrow beam units are used in the store's narrow aisles to punch light downward, illuminating smaller items such as hardware, tools, paint and tile.
Prismalume fixtures with wide distribution are utilized in the wider aisles and more open spaces, featuring larger merchandise such as bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinets. Lighting fixtures are mounted at 22 feet, suspended from a unistrut so they do not protrude below the trusses. Ceiling height varies from 24 to 30 feet from the front of the store to the back, with racking extending as high as 21 feet.

Holophane's CALAPro Computer Aided Lighting Analysis software was employed to determine fixture placement and spacing. Attebery indicated that some fixtures had to be moved because of interference with sprinklers and skylights. CALAPro also indicated fixtures that could be removed from the design entirely, while maintaining desired light levels.

"In many of our existing stores, we use a large number of fluorescent fixtures along the perimeters to light walls, signage and racking. By using the prismatic lighting, we could light the high portions of the walls while eliminating about 400 fluorescent units. This, together with the low loss ballasts used, resulted in significant energy savings." Attebery said. Energy savings amount to 25 watts per fixture.

The lighting system in Builders Square is illuminated 24 hours a day, about 6,000 hours per year. Units are controlled by an energy management system, which switches off every other fixture after hours.
Attebery indicated that, as an energy saving measure, he is also considering using 360 watt fixtures in future stores.

The lighting system will be cleaned and group relamped about every two years.

"We are very pleased with the prismatic lighting," Attebery said. "The significant increase in illumination levels brightens the store and improves our product presentation."

Besides the main sales floor, prismatic glass luminaires are utilized in the facility's 10,000-square-foot Garden Center, which is sheathed in acrylic. Originally, the Center was lighted with 8-foot fluorescent strips. When the facility was redesigned, to reduce energy, every other fluorescent unit was removed and replaced by Holophane Bantam® fixtures with 175 watt metal halide lamps. Fifty Bantam units were used in place of 100 fluorescent units, reducing energy costs by 35 percent. Illumination levels are 50 footcandles.

Because of the level of daylight in the store during the day, the Bantam units are lighted only at night.


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