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Prismatic glass fixtures meet dual
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Aesthetics were as important as visibility for the Carriage Place Recreation Center, newly constructed in Columbus, Ohio by the city Department of Recreation and Parks. Catering to a growing, upper-middle class community, the facility hosts a variety of events, ranging from art shows and community meetings to theatrical presentations and team sports competition. Another facility was built simultaneously at 2505 Cassidy Avenue, a moderate income community .

In lighting the gymnasium and the multi-purpose room at the recreation center, lighting designer David M. Ulliman of M-E Engineering in Columbus, said uniformity in light distribution was key since these rooms are used for such diverse activities. The popularity of volleyball, basketball and badminton also made durability important.

The luminaires installed in both the gymnasium and the multi-purpose room are Holophane PrismGlo® Athena® fixtures with prismatic glass refractors and 400 watt metal halide lamps. A total of 42 luminaires were installed, with 30 fixtures in the 7,440-square-foot gymnasium and 12 fixtures in the 3,160-square-foot multi-purpose room.

According to Ulliman, the use of PrismGlos in a gymnasium application is rather unique."In the past, we often used fixtures with aluminum reflectors. While these units were economical, in a gymnasium setting, they often became dented or broken by the balls; they were damaged quite easily," Ulliman said .

"The aluminum reflectors also did not provide any useful uplight, which resulted in a dark, cavernous feeling. The lighting from these fixtures, being completely direct, produced a great deal of shadow and glare," he added .

The PrismGlos provide 40 percent uplight and 60 percent downlight, which not only brightens the ceiling, but increases horizontal illumination on the floor. Both the gymnasium and multi- purpose room were designed for 50 footcandles. The rooms have a cementitious roof deck, painted off-white, with an open bar joist ceiling. The duct work in the facility is painted blue .

Mounting height for the fixtures is 26 feet, and spacing is 16 feet to 18 feet on center. Spacing and wattage requirements were verified by Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software.

"With the PrismGlos, we are able to have a comfortable, uniformly lighted environment," Ulliman said. "The high ambient lighting makes the fixtures almost disappear as a source of glare or discomfort."

The PrismGlos are illuminated over 100 hours per week and are controlled at circuit breakers. To date, they have required little maintenance. When relamping is required, the fixtures will be maintained along with various other facilities from a central maintenance office.

"The fixtures have held up quite well where conventional aluminum reflectors and lamp guards would probably have been damaged or broken," Ulliman concluded.


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