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Mall increases security with Holophane High Mast

Patron security was a primary motivation in retrofitting the parking lot lighting at the Coliseum Mall, located near Hampton, Virginia. In an area where car jackings were making headlines, mall management wanted to increase light levels while saving energy.

Previously, the 100-acre parking lot was lighted with 1,000 watt metal halide cutoff shoebox-type fixtures. The units were not only inefficient, but tended to create puddles of light beneath the poles, with dark areas in between.

The system installed for the retrofit was Holophane high mast fixtures operating 1,000 watt high pressure sodium lamps with decorative covers. One of the criteria in performing the retrofit was that poles had to be placed on existing foundations. This eliminated the need to tear up the parking lot and allowed the use of existing wiring in the pole bases.

According to Ray Curtis, vice president, Valquest, Inc., Dallas, the Holophane high mast fixtures were chosen because of the spread of illumination provided by the bottom glass refractor. The S1 refractor gives a 5 to 1 spacing to mounting height ratio with excellent uniformity of light.

"Originally, the system was designed using a high wattage louvered post top fixture, with four luminaires per pole," Curtis explained. "When we compared photometrics, we found that the Holophane fixtures would give more light with 40 percent fewer fixtures."

Forty-foot poles were installed on the existing three-foot foundations, with one, two or three luminaires per pole, depending upon pole location. More luminaires were used per pole for the poles close to the buildings to boost light levels in this area.

A total of 80 fixtures were installed. Pole spacing ranges from 250 to 300 feet. Beam spread is 160 to 165 feet, allowing for overlap.

"Lighting uniformity is excellent," Curtis said. "Increased vertical illumination allows shoppers to look in and around their automobiles and to see the silhouettes of other people."

The average horizontal footcandle level is 1.9 maintained. Because the high pressure sodium luminaires are more efficient than the previous metal halide units, mall management estimates savings of approximately $4,000 per year in operating costs. Reduced maintenance also contributes to the savings. The Holophane luminaires are designed so that a high velocity of air moves through the fixtures' optical system to eliminate dirt build-up. The previous fixtures, in contrast, had to be disassembled for cleaning. All maintenance of the high mast units will be performed using a bucket truck.

The parking lot fixtures are operated from dusk until a pre-programmed time that allows theatre-goers and employees to leave the mall after the last movie. One luminaire per pole remains lit on poles closest to the mall until sunrise.

"Mall Properties, Inc., the company that owns the mall, is very happy with the lighting system," said Curtis. "Illumination levels have increased significantly, resulting in a decrease in vandalism"


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