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Con Edison relies on Holophane fluorescent
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Good lighting is essential for electric substations where employees must work in tight spaces and be able to read signage and panels. When Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. constructed its new $300 million Mott Haven Substation in the Bronx, the company installed IntelliVue® and Controlume® fluorescent luminaires from Holophane to light the 100,000-square-foot facility.

Mott Haven delivers approximately 900 megawatts of power to houses and businesses in the Bronx and elsewhere in Con Edison’s service area.

According to Peter Jacobson, Con Edison lighting specialist, existing Con Edison substations are illuminated with any number of different high pressure sodium high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures, which creates a challenge when stocking parts for maintenance. Light levels are also impacted by the inconsistency of sources, which creates difficult visual conditions in an environment where high quality lighting and color rendition are critical.

“We selected the Holophane fluorescent luminaires because they provide the high quality performance we need,” Jacobson said. “They also require minimal maintenance and address our company mandate to reduce indirect C02 emissions through lighting efficiency upgrades.”

Con Edison installed IntelliVue® high bay fluorescent luminaires in open areas throughout the substation, with fixtures mounted up to 35 feet in locations with obstacles such as transformers and overhead cranes. The IntelliVue fixtures incorporate Holophane’s Passively Optimized Lumen output with Automated Regulation (P.O.L.A.R.) technology to maximize the lumen output of the T5 lamps.

The IntelliVue fixtures, which use three T5 lamps, are self regulated to dissipate the lamps’ heat based on changing ambient temperatures. In some areas, Con Edison installed two fixtures together to achieve higher light levels. The fixtures have an isolated ballast housing, which increases ballast life and helps Con Edison reach its maintenance goals.

Con Edison installed Controlume® fixtures on the walls of transformer vault areas and other spaces without ceilings, such as the cellar. The Controlume luminaires are lightweight and include a durable polycarbonate housing, which helps protect fixtures installed in areas that are exposed to seasonal environments. A poured silicon gasket that is hot-bonded to the housing during manufacturing enables the fixtures to resist moisture and dust penetration.

Controlume fixtures are mounted 10 feet and higher, with spacing varying—depending upon the location. Illumination levels throughout the substation range from 25 to 45 footcandles.

“Substation workers must be able to see and inspect equipment without being hampered by glare,” Jacobson said. “The Holophane fluorescent fixtures provide the control we needed to create a comfortable environment with uniform illumination on both horizontal and vertical surfaces—even in tight spaces where shadows are often a problem. The combination of high CRI T5 lamps and better optical control provided by the IntelliVue & Controlume luminaires makes working conditions safer and easier for facility occupants."

”Because Mott Haven is a 24/7 facility, the IntelliVue and Controlume fixtures are always operational. Fixtures at specific locations are equipped with a battery pack that is integral to the units and complies with emergency lighting requirements. Con Edison will group relamp the luminaires as needed.

“The new system is more efficient and reduces the energy required by the lighting system, thereby helping Mott Haven to meet Con Edison’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions,” Jacobson said. “The lighting system also provides better visual conditions with fewer luminaires.”

Con Edison has standardized the IntelliVue and Controlume luminaires for all new substation facilities and will use the fixtures to retrofit older systems at existing locations.


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