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Cox Cable lights up former candy
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A former candy factory has made a sweet office setting for Cox Cable administrative offices in Spokane, Washington. The 38,500-square-foot space was formerly used as a warehouse and candy production line before tile interior was completely demolished and renovations began.

One of the challenges faced during the remodeling was how to light the open area with its vaulted ceilings. According to Dan Griffith, project architect with ALSC Architects, Spokane, fluorescent fixtures were considered.

However, based on the recommendations of Terry Moreau, senior electrical designer, Doyle Engineering, Inc., Spokane, PrismGlo¨ Athena¨ luminaires from Holophane, with 250 watt metal halide lamps, were selected. Appearance was a primary factor.

"We wanted to retain the open character of the warehouse, yet turn the area into a first class office work environment. The Holophane fixtures have a quality industrial feel about them that enhances the character of the space, " Griffith said.

"We also felt the PrismGlo fixtures would be more attractive than a sea of linear fluorescent fixtures, " Moreau explained. From experience, I knew the prismatic glass luminaires could do the job. They could put the light where it is needed. "

Much of the office space is designed with low partitions, approximately 40 inches high, separating work stations. Some partitions measure as high as eight feet, with the interior walls going to the ceiling.

"There are so many different angles involved. That's why the round, prismatic glass fixtures work better than fluorescent unit. They control the light," Moreau said.

An advantage of the PrismGlo fixtures is 40 percent uplight, which illuminates the 14-foot ceiling, providing a combination of direct and indirect light. The luminaires are mounted on stems 10 and 12 feet above tile floor, following the slope of the ceiling to a rectangular point, then leveling off at 12 feet. Spacing between fixtures is 12' x 12'.

Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to determine the location of the 131 luminaires, plus projected footcandles. Illumination levels are 65 maintained. According to Moreau, the PrismGlo fixtures are more energy efficient than fluorescent units because fewer luminaires are required to obtain the same footcandle levels.

"In Washington, we have a very strict energy code. The Holophane fixtures helped us meet the specific requirements for a large, open space, " Moreau said. Lighting fixtures are illuminated 60 to 70 hours per week, controlled from multiple points. At the receptionist's desk, a multiple-panel master station was installed with 24 different switches.

"The lighting works, " Moreau concluded. "This is a very paperwork-intensive environment, and when the lighting was installed, before it was even turned on, employees questioned how they could have enough light in their offices when there were no fixtures directly overhead. But the combination of direct and indirect illumination provides light throughout the space. Everyone is happy."


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