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Prismatic lighting helps juice plant "make the grade"

Carrot juice must have the right color to make the grade, which is why good lighting was a major factor when Grimmway Farms constructed its new 38,000-square-foot carrot juice extraction plant in Bakersfield, California. The company is the largest producer of carrots in the world.

"We look at the color of the juice and the carrots feeding into the equipment. Because juice is graded on taste and color, we must be able to inspect details," explained Craig Chapman, Grimmway Farms facilities designer.
Uniform illumination is necessary not only to help assure product quality, but to facilitate equipment monitoring. Because of sanitation requirements, the fixtures also must be capable of being washed down for effective cleaning.

The lighting system installed in the 24,150-foot processing area is Holophane Vantage® Food Fixtures, which are designed specifically for the food processing industry. The units utilize 400 watt metal halide lamps and feature a prismatic plastic reflector/refractor that sheds water and cleaning agents typically used in food processing environments.

"We wanted a lighting system that would effectively perform in an environment with high levels of humidity." said Chapman. "Due to the acid content of the carrots, the plant's atmosphere is extraordinarily corrosive. The Vantage units are not only corrosion-resistant, but have a smooth, rounded ballast housing without the nooks and crannies or latches that can collect contaminants. As an added benefit, they have an attractive overall appearance."

Fixtures are installed 18 to 20 feet above the blue-gray sealed concrete floor, spaced 18 to 20 feet. Because the building has a tremendous amount of piping, fixtures had to be installed around these structures. The units are surface mounted to the false ceiling with a two-foot stem that protrudes through to the metal deck ceiling. Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used for spacing analysis. The light level is 35 footcandles average maintained.

"What has impressed us most about the Holophane fixtures is the quality of the illumination," said Chapman. "We needed a fixture that would give us a wide range of illumination so we could capture the reflective quality of the white ceiling. High levels of vertical illumination were also important due to the varying heights of the equipment and the fact that employees are working on a vertical plane. The Vantage fixture, with its 20 percent uplight, provides an excellent balance for both vertical and horizontal tasks."

The lighting system is illuminated 40 hours a week and controlled by electrical contactors.

The fixtures are washed down once a week using a hose, with lamp replacement planned for approximately every three years.


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