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Holophane fixtures' "sparkle" attracts
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Yesteryear's "mom and pop" grocery stores are a thing of the past. Gone are the small narrow-aisle groceries with only a few brands to offer. Here, instead, are sleek, contemporary "super" stores that offer customers a wide variety of merchandise and services in a bright, attractive atmosphere .

One such "super" store is Hogan's Market, located in Puyallup, Washington, and operated by Puget Sound Marketing. When the facility was recently remodeled, it was expanded from 28,000 to 36,000 square feet, with the former 14-foot, lay-in grid ceiling raised to 17 feet to create a more open feeling.

Originally, the store was lighted with 8-foot, high output fluorescent strips, utilizing F96T12CW HO ES lamps. When the facility was remodeled, management wanted a more efficient fixture that would enhance the store's aesthetics and highlight the merchandise.

"In my opinion, good lighting has a direct effect on product turnover and how merchandise is viewed by the potential buyer," said Jerrold B. Irwin, president of Washington Electric Co., the electrical contractor for the project .

The luminaires selected for the merchandise sections of the store are PrismGlo Arcadia Athena fixtures from Holophane. The fixtures provide 40 percent uplight and 60 percent downward illumination to increase horizontal light levels.

"Because of the uniformity of the lighting provided by the PrismGlos, we were able to use fewer fixtures than with the fluorescents. The ratio was five to two, " Irwin described.

Seventy-six PrismGlo units were mounted on 2 1/2-foot stems in the main areas of the store with 400-watt super metal halide coated lamps used to boost light levels. The fixtures were spaced 17 feet, staggered every other row with 10 feet between rows. Remote ballasts were installed, allowing more versatility in the mounting height while concealing the ballast housing.

Above the produce counters, a combination of "white" high pressure sodium track lighting and fluorescents were installed to spotlight the fruits and vegetables. Colored, back-lit glass blocks set off the white columns located throughout the store.

In the check-out areas of the store, Holophane Prismalume luminaires with 400-watt metal halide lamps were installed on the 19-foot ceilings. The fixtures provide 20 percent uplight, which eliminates the cavernous appearance that can result in areas of medium height. The Prismalumes are mounted on a solid tile ceiling and emphasize the black, false grid ceiling mounted beneath.

"The lighting gives the store "sparkle"; it really draws people into the store," Irwin said. "Of all of our locations, the Puyallup store is definitely the most attractive. "

Footcandle levels in the store are 100 average maintained. Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) program was used to determine fixture placement. This not only helped attain the uniformity desired, but minimized the number of luminaires needed.

"The Holophane fixtures are more appealing than competitive units and require less maintenance. They are as easy to install as any lighting product on the market, " Irwin concluded.

He added that the Puyallup store remained open to customers 24-hours a day throughout the renovation.


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