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Lighting promotes safety for Intel

When a company operates three shifts around the clock, safety is always an issue as employees park their cars and enter and exit the garage.

Intel Corporation in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, near Albuquerque, wanted high quality lighting for its new 1400-space employee parking facility for security reasons, but did not want the structure to become a salient feature at night.

"If someone was at a distance, looking toward the site, management wanted the garage to blend in with the other buildings," explained Gary Emmett, P.E., principal and co-owner of EMRO, Inc., an electric engineering firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. "Yet, because this is an enclosed structure, we wanted to prevent the possibility of vandalism or violence."

To light Levels 1 and 2, Holophane Bantam 2000 Prismatite® luminaires with 100 watt high pressure sodium lamps were installed, based on Intel's past success with Holophane fixtures in other buildings within the office, manufacturing and warehouse complex.

The luminaires, with a symmetric refractor, are mounted at 9 1/2', set into the double T construction of the concrete ceiling. Even though the garage has height restrictions for vehicles, this placement provides some protection for the low-profile fixtures. The location also reduces driver glare because an operator in the drive aisle will see only one fixture at a time.

"Driver glare was a concern, especially with the painted semi gloss white ceiling," said Emmett. "With the uniform light output from the Bantam fixtures, mounted between vertical sections of the Ts, we were able to create a very friendly, evenly lighted environment that allows pedestrians to see inside and around their cars, without glare. There are no blind spots or hidden areas within the garage."

In designing the lighting, Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to develop a number of "what if" scenarios. This facilitated in determining fixture placement for optimum performance.

Luminaires are spaced on a 30-foot grid throughout the first and second levels, with footcandle levels at 2 1/2 footcandles at the front of each stall, and five at the back of each stall. Illumination levels measure five footcandles in the drive aisles.

To boost illumination levels at the garage entrance, the density of luminaires was increased. Additional fixtures were installed between the units mounted on the 30-foot grid to generate 50 to 60 footcandles during the day. The fixtures are circuited separately so that when the photocell detects daylight, the supplemental units turn on. After dark, the luminaires turn off. A total of 388 luminaires are installed on the two levels of the 240' x 590' structure, with shoe-box cut-off fixtures on 30' poles mounted on the third level of the facility.

"Comments have been very positive about the garage's overall feeling, both from construction personnel and employees using the garage," Emmett related. "The lighting is outstanding and meets the objectives that were originally established."

While energy was not a high priority, he added that it is always an underlying theme for all Intel projects. Energy savings was a benefit of using the 100 watt high pressure sodium lamps.
Fixture maintenance will be handled by Intel internally or contracted to an outside service. Intel typically cleans its fixtures on an 18 month cycle.

Following the garage's completion, Emmett was awarded a special commendation from Intel for his leadership and execution of this project.


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