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Interworld is a consulting firm developing software for the financial industry. When the company moved to its renovated 40,000-square-foot headquarters in downtown Manhattan, the space was designed to achieve an open, industrial look that would create a high tech feel.

Work stations in the facility are open, with a painted exposed slab ceiling and exposed wire ways.

While good lighting was essential to effectively illuminate the work stations and foster productivity, Steve Margulies, president of Cosentini Lighting Design, New York indicated that the space's appearance was primary.

"The building is an old storage facility. When we designed the office, the owners wanted the space to look good, yet they wanted to retain its loft-like environment," Margulies said.

Fixtures installed are part of Holophane's Classics Series, #02454, with a ribbed reflector on top and a prismatic refractor on bottom. The units have a surface mounted ballast and use 70-watt metal halide Master Color lamps.

Margulies indicated this type of glass fixture is typically utilized in industrial-type settings. However, in this case, the units had the right design character for the space. He indicated that one of his concerns about the #02454 unit was using a glaring fixture without creating glare.

When the fixtures were first installed, a few employees expressed concern about the units' brightness. Once the lamps burned in, however, the space became softer and people were more comfortable The ceiling is designed with 2-foot column bays.

Four fixtures are installed in each bay on a 10' x 10' grid. Mounting height is nine feet to the bottom of the fixtures. Illumination levels measure 30 to 35 footcandles. The lighting system was designed for efficiency, and uses less than one watt per square-foot.

Fixtures are illuminated 60 to 80 hours per week and are controlled by a programmable lighting control system. Units are group-relamped to prevent any noticeable shift in color.

"Through the years, the 02454 has proven to be a versatile fixture that our firm has used in a number of different applications.," said argulies.

"The 02454 is a beautiful piece of glass that provides comfortable, uniform illumination. Many employees have commented about how happy they are with the look and feel we have achieved with the lighting."


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