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Jay C Foods:
Emphasizing history and appearance

Every retail store strives to appeal to its customers, to add that extra bit of pizzaz that makes customers say, yes, this is where I want to shop. But for the 30,000-square-foot Jay C Foods Store, constructed in Seymour, Indiana, there was an added incentive to upgrade. Not only is the facility located near parent John C. Groub Company's corporate headquarters, but in the locale where the chain planted its grocery business roots more than 130 years earlier.

Reminding customers of its century-plus history, Jay C Foods incorporates an old time feel with a particularly clean appearance that appeals to its cross section of customers.

Shoppers are welcomed by the store's old-style brick facade and nine arched entrances. As they move about inside the store, they are guided by gold-lettered department identification on the walls, plus aisle directories and varied ceiling heights providing demarcation.

One of the first impressions of the store is an sense of orderliness. There are none of the informational banners that typically hang from grocery store ceilings, tending to create a feeling of clutter. Products appear especially bright and enticing, and even the cans on the 72-inch shelves are perfectly aligned.

"Jay C Foods wants shoppers to want to shop," explained Jerry Tirey, Jay C Foods property manager. "That's why particular attention was paid in this store to extras like a service meat department and arched canvas awnings in the meat and customer service areas."

It was also the motivation for using prismatic glass lighting as the store's main source of illumination. Even from the structure's glass-front exterior, the Holophane PrismGlo Aurora luminaires with 400-watt metal halide lamps draw shoppers inside. Often used in industrial settings, the PrismGlo fixtures feature an enclosed prismatic glass refractor that provides a mix of directional and diffuse light, creating a certain "sparkle."

"Having the proper light level in a retail store is especially important because no one wants to shop in a dark or dull environment," said Tirey. "In lighting this location, we wanted not only to contribute to the olden theme we were trying to generate, but to achieve the levels of performance required."

Providing 40 percent uplight to illuminate the 2' x 4' white lay-in tile ceiling, the PrismGlo fixtures give a high and uniform level of illumination. Horizontal footcandle levels in the aisles are 110+, with vertical levels at 90+.

Using Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software to determine illumination levels and fixture placement, fixtures were positioned to minimize shadows and glare. Accent lighting was also added in the floral department, along with a lot of wall wash illumination throughout the store. The result is crisp and colorful-looking products."

Because of the lower ceiling heights, Holophane Multilume luminaires with 250 watt metal halide lamps are mounted in the store's 10-foot high entryway and above the produce section. The Multilume units, with a Refractive Grid lens, not only provide brightness control, but contrast with the PrismGlo luminaires used in areas where the ceiling heights are greater.

"The different types of luminaires help give the store variety while focusing customer attention where it belongs, on the products. All of the fixtures are a nice compliment to the store decor without giving it a modern look," said Tirey.

A total of 52 PrismGlo luminaires are installed, spaced at 14' x 16', and mounted at 14' on a two-foot stem. The number of Multilume units installed totals 73, with spacing at 12 feet.

Tirey pointed out that the prismatic glass luminaires are more efficient than the fluorescent fixtures typically found in grocery stores. If fluorescent tubes would have been installed, three times as many units would have been required to provide the same levels of illumination.

The prismatic lighting system is illuminated more than 120 hours per week, controlled be breakers. As far as maintenance is concerned the metal halide lamps will be changed at end-of-life intervals, with the luminaires wiped down periodically with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Holophane Crestwood luminaires with 400 watt metal halide lamps are used to light the Jay C Foods parking lot. Chosen for their clean look and above normal light levels, the fixtures provide especially high vertical footcandles for the 115,000-square-foot area, allowing customers to see in and around their vehicles.

John C. Groub Company operates 32 stores in southern Indiana. The company was founded in 1863.
David Meredith is director of marketing for Holophane Corporation, Columbus, Ohio, specializing in retail, commercial, industrial, outdoor, and emergency lighting systems.


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