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Street Lighting Keene's Point; Windemere, FL

Leased lighting system promotes efficiency,
compliments natural beauty in luxury community


Keene's Pointe is a luxury residential community boasting its own 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts and scenic parks. The 950+ acre developmentÑwhich is planned for 945 single-family homes priced in the $250,000 to over $1million rangeÑis situated within picturesque Windermere, Florida, a historic hamlet nestled among the state’s most pristine lakes.

To preserve the pastoral environment, landscape architect Jay Hood, who serves as director of landscape architecture for Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart, Inc., Orlando, specified decorative lighting fixtures for the tree-lined roadways. eregulation led Hood and developer Castle & Cooke, located in Florida, California and Hawaii, to enter into a lease agreement with Florida Power Corporation.

At the time, Florida Power Corporation was already offering lighting systems (including their installation and maintenance) as a value-added service to its customers. Hood approached the company and requested that it add Holophane Lighting's Arlington® fixture to its product offerings.

The eight-sided Arlington fixture is reminiscent of the street lighting lanterns used throughout the country during the 1920s. More than 450 luminaires will be installed along Keene's Pointe streets, mounted on 16-foot decorative exposed aggregate concrete poles. The fixtures utilize 100-watt high-pressure sodium lamps, which contrast with the metal halide accent lighting that illuminates the landscape.

"The high pressure sodium lamps create a warm residential feel, as opposed to a commercial feel," Hood said.

Since pedestrian safety was a concern, lighting fixtures are installed six feet from the curb along the sidewalk. Single-head units are employed along all roadways, with double-head units utilized at entrances and exits, near the clubhouse and pool, and in areas where the sidewalks deflect into the community’s four parks.

When the landscaping was designed, a rhythm of live oak and magnolia trees was established along the boulevard. Fixtures are placed between the trees, which are 100 feet on center. Lighting fixtures are likewise spaced 100 feet on center, with illumination levels 1/2 footcandle on the main roads. Luminaire spacing is 120 feet on neighborhood streets, with light levels at 1/3 footcandle.

"One of the challenges we faced was how to achieve the light distribution required on the roadways using a decorative fixture," Hood related. "The goal was to create a sense of community and promote pedestrian safety without providing too much light. Because the optical system on the Arlington promotes efficiency and low brightness, we were able to place the light where it is needed without using a sea of fixtures and poles. Residents have commented that they love the lighting; it does the job while complementing the landscape."

Fixtures are controlled by a photocell that illuminates them from a half-hour before sunset to 30 minutes after dawn. Florida Power Corporation as part of the lease agreement maintains the luminaires.

"This application is unique in that we worked with a local utility to solve a lighting challenge," said Hood. "The lighting system has provided the community with the roadway illumination required while the preserving the area’s natural beauty."


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