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The existing lighting system in the Licking Valley High School football stadium had not only become unreliable, but was creating a safety hazard. With the aged wooden poles located near the sidelines, players running down the field were sometimes unable to stop and would collide with the structures. The incandescent lamps also frequently burned out in the middle of a game.

"With the former system, which was likely installed during the 1960s, we had a lot of dark spots on the field and shadowing. Pole locations also obstructed spectators' view," described John Kramer, electrical engineer with Kaiser Aluminum, Newark, Ohio.

Heading a volunteer community effort, Kramer guided the installation of a new metal halide system that not only boosts illumination levels, but reduces energy costs. Fixtures selected for the application are Holophane Prismbeam® units with 1500 watt metal halide lamps.

Kramer indicated the Holophane system was selected based on past successes with Holophane fixtures, and the company's reputation for quality and service.

Four galvanized steel, 70-foot poles replaced the previous 10 wooden poles, which were installed five per side. The new poles are mounted two per side on the 25 yard line, offset 43' to 90', depending upon the lay of the land, which is rolling in this area. Each pole has 12 fixtures.

"One pole is offset 43 feet because there is a hill directly behind it. Excavating the area would have increased the cost of the project significantly," Kramer said.

He indicated that Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to determine pole placement and to assist in aligning fixtures. The units were pre-set before the assemblies were raised on each pole.

"CALA helped us achieve a very uniform level of illumination," Kramer confirmed. The new lighting system is designed for 30 footcandles, which is a significant boost from previous levels measuring in the teens.

"The retrofit makes the field much more playable. Licking Valley High School is a serious contender in its league, so everyone is elated," Kramer said. Besides the lighting fixtures, the retrofit included replacing the overhead wiring, which had started to deteriorate and fray. Underground power feeds were installed to the poles and all campus buildings.

The entire project was funded by school boosters and local donors. Fixture installation was performed by booster club members with the assistance of football team players. The lighting system will be serviced by Licking Valley High School maintenance personnel, or will be contracted to an outside vendor.

Licking Valley school system is located near Newark, Ohio.


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