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Prismatic lighting creates mood for Meislin Grocery

Meislin Grocery in Whitesboro, New York, was once a small cash-and-carry store. Extensive growth, however, prompted the construction of a new 38,000-square-foot facility featuring all the flash and color characteristic of any major grocery chain.

Inside the store, shoppers are visually treated to an array of pinks, purples, burgundy and green accented by a black and white checkerboard pattern that skirts the store's perimeter. Added to this are three-dimensional wall sculptures, complemented by a vinyl tile floor blending the black and white checerboard pattern with teal.

To accent the colors plus the range of grocery items, household supplies and discount bulk items offered, and to bring shoppers inside the store, prismatic glass lighting fixtures of various types were installed.

"This is Meislin's first big store," explained Frank Walczak, designer, Rossi-Pete Associates, Utica, New York. "Lighting was important to accentuate the architectural aspects of the building, both inside and out."

Twenty-foot warehouse-type racking used at one end of the store also necessitated illuminating these structures from above. The store has an open steel 25-foot ceiling, painted white.

Ambient lighting throughout the grocery area is provided by Holophane Prismalume® fixtures with 400 watt metal halide lamps. The units are surface mounted to the ceiling, spaced 18 feet on center. Illumination levels are 75 footcandles average maintained, with 45 footcandles on the face of products.

"We wanted to take advantage of the white ceiling, while lighting the entire space. Fluorescent fixtures were not an option since we wanted to avoid the cavern, or dark ceiling, effect that can occur in facilities with higher ceilings. The Prismalume units also do an excellent job of illuminating the taller racking," Walczak said.

Prismalume fixtures include the quick disconnect option for quick installation and lower installed cost. Walczak said this feature was particularly important since this was a fast track project, taking three months from design to completion.

To add "punch" along the store's front area (behind the cash registers) and the rear aisle, the end of each aisle is marked with pendant mounted Holophane Paradome R fixtures using 175 watt metal halide lamps. The fixtures, installed 12 feet above the finished floor, combine direct and indirect light to define texture, form and color. The illumination level is increased to 90 footcandles.

"The Paradome units draw people to the back of the store," described Walczak. "They add sparkle and excitement, giving an extra boost to the end of each display rack."

The produce department, which is the first area customers face once they begin making their way through the store, is illuminated with PrismGlo R Electra R luminaires from Holophane. Two rows of fixtures on 12 feet x 18 feet centers are mounted 12 feet above the floor on 10- to 12-foot stems. The fixtures, which use 250 watt metal halide lamps, provide 50 percent uplight to illuminate an overhead walkway, plus the colorful sculptures featured on the upper third of the wall.

For aesthetic purposes, Holophane decorative Classic fixtures are used over the deli area, spaced every six to eight feet. Fixture benefits include not only the additional lighting provided on the top of the counter, but the added warmth characteristic of the fixtures' touch of brass.

"Throughout the store, the prismatic glass fixtures are a very positive change from the fluorescent units used in the previous facility," said Walczak. "The various fixtures provide the lumens needed while adding a design element to the store."
Prismatic luminaires are also used on the store's exterior, with Parkpak R units installed beneath the L-shaped canopy in front of the store. The fixtures are spaced 12 feet on center.

"The goal was to make people feel drawn to the building. The store is located in a suburban-type commercial setting situated on a hill above the main road. We wanted to assure the building is well-lighted from the outside since it is away from everything and does not have the advantage of street lighting," Walczak said.

The parking lot is illuminated with five single- and two double-headed Somerset R area luminaires using 400 watt metal halide lamps, mounted on 25-foot poles. Spacing is 70' - 100' with illumination levels at five to seven footcandles. Somerset units, mounted at 14 feet with 175 watt MH, are also installed on either side of the main entrance.

Wallpack R fixtures with 175 watt metal halide lamps are installed above every door, including the main doors and loading dock area. The units are used for security purposes.

In addition, three 400-watt metal halide Predator R floodlights are located on top of the building to light the employee parking lot and the loading dock at the rear of the building. A Predator unit is also employed inside the store to spotlight one of the corner wall sculptures.

"One of the biggest advantages of the Holophane fixtures is the lack of maintenance required. To date, we have had no fixture failures," said Neil Meislin, president, Meislin Grocery.

"We've also had many compliments from customers on the different styles of fixtures used. The units aesthetically create a mood within the store that makes customers happy to be shopping here. And when our customers are happy, we're happy," he added.
Interior lighting fixtures are illuminated approximately 90 hours per week and are wired into contactors and controlled by push button. Outdoor luminaires are controlled by a time clock.


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