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Prismatic glass "retail" fixture used
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When lighting an industrial facility, Bruce Contino, supervising electrical designer for Montgomery Watson, recommends that designers not restrict themselves to a certain type of fixture.

"Look at what the fixture does, not just where it's been used in the past," Contino advised.

At the Miramar Water Treatment Facility in southern Florida, commercial-type lighting fixtures are being used to illuminate the 10,920-square-foot membrane area within the plant's main processing building. The 37,030-square-foot treatment facility processes about 1.2 million gallons of water each day for the city of Miramar.

The lighting system installed is Holophane PrismGlo® units with 400 watt metal halide lamps. Typically, the PrismGlo fixtures, which provide 40 percent uplight, are used in commercial applications and are particularly popular in retail settings.

"The same reasons why the PrismGlo units are effective in a retail application are what makes them well suited to industrial settings," Contino said. "They provide excellent vertical footcandle levels and good color rendition, which is particularly important in a water treatment plant."

PrismGlo fixtures are installed at 15 feet, spaced 27 feet on center. The fixtures are hung on three inch stems, suspended from the concrete double T ceiling, which was painted beige to facilitate light control. Walls in the facility are concrete and were also painted beige.

According to Contino, spacing was limited between the bottom of the ceiling and the bridge crane, which is why the PrismGlo units are mounted on shorter stems.

"The fixtures are physically smaller and more compact than other 400 watt units," Contino said.

The lighting system was designed for 30 footcandles. Before the PrismGlo fixtures were installed, city personnel expressed concern about using commercial fixtures in an industrial application. The plant is often the site for tours, including school tours, and officials wanted the facility to appear as bright and cheerful as possible.

"We constructed a similar plant in another state and used standard industrial fixtures there. The result was a dark interior with deep shadows," described Contino.
"At the Miramar facility, however, the interior is bright and uniformly lighted. The PrismGlo optics cast light in every direction. Because the fixtures are totally enclosed, they're applicable for almost any industrial facility with a suitable ceiling height."

PrismGlo fixtures are controlled by manual switching via a lighting relay panel. For security purposes, three units are set on continuous burn at the exits. The PrismGlo units are illuminated about 80 hours per week.

Holophane fixtures are utilized throughout the Miramar facility. Besides the PrismGlo units, four-foot 7200 Fluorescent Prismatite® fixtures are used exclusively in the plant's chemical areas. The Prismatite units are enclosed and gasketed, and are impervious to corrosive gases.

In addition, Holophane Wallpack® units with 175 watt metal halide lamps provide illumination on the exterior walls of the process building. Also outdoors, Holophane Petrolux® II PTA Series fixtures with 175 watt metal halide lamps are used for task lighting at the air scrubbers and distribution pump station. The units are mounted on 12 foot poles.

"What we appreciated about the Holophane fixtures is that they did what we expected them to, there were no surprises," Contino confirmed.

The Miramar Water Treatment Facility was constructed to supply water to western Miramar. Montgomery Watson also utilized PrismGlo fixtures at a water treatment facility in Palm Beach County, Fla.


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