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Open spaces. Trees, ponds and rolling pastures dissected by meandering, crystal streams. White-board fences and the stately feeling of red brick and Georgian architecture.

All are common to New Albany development, created by the New Albany Company and located northeast of Columbus, Ohio.

Encompassing 5,000 scenic acres, the development, when completed, will boast 10,000 homes, 750 acres of commercial development, and 800 acres of permanent green space. A "great manor" style club house stands at the heart of the development, surrounded by 27 holes of Jack Nicklaus golf.

An objective in developing New Albany was to create "a community in the country. "Inspiration came from Brittany, The Cotswolds, Williamsburg and the James River Plantation houses for this unique community that offers an efficient country lifestyle for the 21st century.

Residential street lighting for New Albany had to complement the natural surroundings and Georgian style, while promoting safety at intersections for pedestrians and automobiles. The system installed is the Unique Solutions' division of Holophane Hallbrook cutoff street lighting fixtures with 150 watt high pressure sodium lamps.

"When we selected the lighting for the development, we wanted to use as few luminaires as possible for aesthetics reasons, while achieving adequate light levels," said Michael Chrommes, landscape architect for The New Albany Company.

The fixtures are installed in a grid pattern, with two luminaires mounted at the intersection of a T-street, and four fixtures installed at a two-street intersection. Double-headed fixtures illuminate boulevards.

Footcandle levels range from one ftc. beneath the fixtures to .4 on the opposite curb. Lighting from the street fixtures is supplemented by mandatory yard units installed on the front lawn of each home. Most of the yard lamps are incandescent.

Chrommes said a challenge in illuminating the development was meeting the lighting standards of the city of Columbus, since Section 2 lies within the city limits. City standards require n minimum of .4 footcandles.

"To meet the city's standards, we would have had to install a large number of fixtures," Chrommes explained. "'The result would have been residential streets that resembled an airport runway at night.

" To avoid this "sea of poles" effect, New Albany used Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software to develop a photometric study to present to the city. Based on the study, New Albany was able to gain a variance from Columbus. "City officials feel the uniform illumination provided by the Unique Solutions fixtures is adequate," Chrommes said.

A total of 69 fixtures are installed, to date, with another 40 units planned. Besides street lighting, the Holophane Hallbrook units provide illumination for a 100-foot bridge. A single-crook side mount bracket was custom designed to install on a wooden pole, with two luminaires mounted to each pole. There are four poles and eight luminaires on the bridge.

Fixtures throughout the development are illuminated 12 to 14 hours s a day during the winter months, and approximately 10 hours during the summer. The luminaires are controlled by a photocell at the transformer.

"As far as we are concerned, the Holophane fixtures represent a 'Cadillac' line of lighting," Chrommes said. "The fixtures are high quality and they enhance the country atmosphere."

Chrommes praised Holophane for the company's response to specific needs. Because some of the homes in the New Albany development were featured in the area's 1993 Parade of Homes tour, critical deadlines for street lighting had to be met. Responding to New Albany's installation schedule, Unique Solutions delivered the Hallbrook fixtures in eight weeks.


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