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Perception is everything to the wholesale and retail customer. With 60 percent professional business and 40 percent consumer, The Paty Company, a building supply and home center store, wanted its Morristown, Tennessee, store to look bright and appealing, yet convey that warehouse feel that communicates that prices are reasonable.

Located in an older strip shopping center, The Paty Company first leased half of the facility, then added space as other leases ran out. Renovating the store, which remained opened during the process, involved removing the walls and the existing strip fluorescent lighting system. The drop ceiling was taken out to expose the galvanized metal deck and the bar joists, which were painted white.

"When we were renovating another older building, we tried painting the ceiling black and using 250-watt metal halide fixtures. The result was a very dark, dingy atmosphere, which is why we concentrated on making this store bright and inviting," said Buck McClellan, senior vice president, The Paty Company, Piney Flats, Tennessee.

The lighting system installed is Holophane Prismalume® luminaires with 400-watt super metal halide lamps. The fixtures were selected after McClellan observed their use in a similar application.

A benefit of the Prismalume units is the 20 percent uplight, which reflects off the white ceiling. With an initial average illumination level of 71 footcandles, the ceiling reflection boosts the level 20 percent to 85 footcandles.

Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to determine fixtures lacement and spacing. The luminaires are mounted at 14 feet above the floor, suspended from the 16-foot ceiling. Spacing is 15' x 18'.

"During the design process, we considered luminaires with acrylic reflectors but were concerned that they might yellow over time. The glass reflectors not only will not yellow, but they stay cleaner and therefore maintain their efficiency," McClellan said.

With a minimum wall thickness of 1/8", the glass reflectors are also more durable. Luminaires were hung with a hook, cord and plug, allowing the fixtures to plug into the receptacles in the ceiling. If the fixtures are hit with lift trucks used to move product, they have more flexibility and are less likely to be damaged.

To reduce energy consumption, the Prismalume fixtures utilize Holophane's low-loss ballast. With a 120-volt system, input wattage for a standard 400 watt ballast is 453 watts, compared to 438 watts for the low-loss ballast. The savings amounts to more than $400 per year.

A total of ninety-five fixtures are installed in the 30,000-square-foot store. Based on the store's success with the Prismalume luminaires during the first renovation, the fixtures were used when the second half of the facility was renovated. The luminaires are controlled by manual breakers and will be group re-lamped after 10,000 hours.

McClellan indicated that The Paty Company plans to use the Prismalume luminaires in additional stores in the future.


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