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Lighting the "squiggly" roof on the interior of a former department store presented a unique challenge for the design team of Harwood Engineering, an engineering consultant based in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The 80,000-square-foot, warehouse-type structure was being converted into a Pick 'n Save Mega Food Center featuring retail product displays.

Constructed with a poured concrete, corrugated roof, the ceiling in the facility is a series of coffers 16 feet above the floor at the peak, and 12 feet above the floor at the bottom of the coffer, according to Carroll Brown, head of the interior design department at Mega Marts, Inc. owner of Pick 'n Save. A distance of 12 feet exists between each corrugation.

In selecting the lighting, the goal was to choose a luminaire that would deliver the output of the lamp to the vertical workplace, while enhancing the architectural detail represented by tile coffers. Shelving in tile food store is seven feet high and the aisles eight feet wide. The owners wanted a system that would utilize high color rendering light sources while defining the details of the various products and styles of packaging.

The lighting concept proposed by Harwood Engineering was to suspend metal halide luminaires within the ceiling coffers, spacing the units to meet illumination requirements of 80 to 100 footcandles maintained. Coated metal halide lamps were recommended because of their color rendering properties and long life, plus their efficacy over fluorescent lamps .

Before the final selection was made, Holophane PrismGlo® fixtures with 400 watt metal halide lamps were installed on a trial basis. The fixtures, with prismatic glass refractors, provide 40 percent uplight to brighten the appearance of the coffers and to reflect off the ceiling, producing soft, multi-point illumination. The uplight also reduces ceiling contrast.

According to Brown, the PrismGlo luminaires were selected because they provide very even illumination along a full vertical range. The luminaires, suspended on a stem, are mounted flush with the bottom of the coffers at 12 feet above the floor, spaced every 16 feet.

"There is no disabling or uncomfortable glare for the customers," Brown said. "Patrons can shop in a comfortable, attractive retail environment enhanced by the direct element lighting that defines texture and emphasizes form."

The Holophane Lighting system has resulted in a high level of energy efficiency as compared to the former fluorescent system. Energy usage was cut in half, qualifying the facility for a substantial utility rebate as well as significantly reduced utility bills. The store is operated 24 hours a day.

In addition, the Holophane system was less costly to install when compared to similar metal halide systems. Fewer fixtures were required due to the higher wattage that could be used without resulting in direct glare and uncomfortable surface brightness.

"We are very pleased with the effect," Brown concluded. "Our goal in designing the lighting system was to develop a store interior that is as attractive as that of a new facility. In the end, the atmosphere we created is even better."

Fixture maintenance is facilitated by surface mounted ballasts and the PrismGlo fixtures' unique, no-tools relamp access door. The luminaires will be wiped down during relamping, approximately every 2 1/2 years.


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