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Piggly Wiggly gets bright new look
with Holophane prismatic lighting

All grocery stores are not created equal. When a new Piggly Wiggly facility was constructed in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, the goal was to depart from the lower ceiling common to older stores and move to a bright, airy facility with an open ceiling.

The higher ceiling, however, also meant a departure from more conventional lighting. Store owners Doug and Bonnie Gilmore were concerned that the seven-foot stacks and shelving would block tile illumination from conventional fixtures. The result would be shadows and dark areas that would make product labels and prices difficult to read.

After considering lighting fixtures from several manufacturers, Holophane Prismalumes with prismatic glass reflectors and 400-watt coated super metal halide warmtone lamps were installed. Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software showed that by using the Prismalumes, fixture numbers could be reduced by 25 percent over conventional luminaires while still maintaining adequate illumination levels.

Fewer fixtures resulted in significant energy savings for the owners. Utility bills were also reduced because there is less heat to be removed from the Holophane design.

According to Doug Gilmore, one of the biggest benefits of the Holophane lighting system is improved visibility.

"Customers must make their selections from shelves and racks; the visual tasks are vertical," he said. "When we considered other lighting fixtures, some provided good lighting on the horizontal surfaces, but often light scallops appeared on the shelves and walls. The vertical illumination was poor."

Seventy-four Prismalume fixtures were installed throughout the 27,000-square-foot store, mounted at 18 feet. The luminaires are spaced 20 feet down each aisle, and 18 feet across the aisles. Footcandle levels are 90 maintained.

With the open ceiling, there was some concern that this area would be rather dark. However, the Prismalumes supply 20 percent uplight, which provides for a very luminous environment and reduces shadows from the shelving.

"Signage on the walls and the aisle markers are very well lighted," said Bonnie Gilmore. "This helps customers locate merchandise quickly and easily."

In the front of the store, above the cashier area, fluorescent strip lighting is used with a 1' x 1' grid ceiling. Above the produce counter, 250 watt incandescent fixtures are installed to "show off" fruits and vegetables.

The interior is painted light creamy beige, with an off -white ceiling. To add interest, fuchsia and purple are used as accent colors, with yellow lettering on signage.

"All of this works together to provide a bright, lively atmosphere where customers can make their selections efficiently," Bonnie Gilmore said. "Customer response to the new store has been quite positive."


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