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Racine rejuvenates State Street using GranVille LED luminaires
System replicates look of bygone era, boosts safety

Detroit LED RenovationThe architecture in Racine, Wisconsin neighborhoods has a distinct feel that reflects the personality of each location. State Street (State Trunk Highway 38) is one of the main arteries leading to the city's harbor side downtown and is known for the main trolley line that transported residents and visitors as early as the 1930s.

When the city recently rejuvenated State Street, city planners wanted to recreate the look of the trolley era by installing lighting fixtures and poles reminiscent of that time. The city had used historically-styled Holophane Granville® lighting fixtures for previous street lighting projects and, as an early adopter of LED technology, selected Granville LED Indirect luminaires for the State Street project based on the fixtures' energy and maintenance benefits.

Detroit LED Renovation

The Granville LED fixtures also complement the rejuvenated streetscape, which includes new trees and grates, decorative concrete and brick paver sidewalks, landscaped median and islands, and street furniture.

"Granville luminaires have been a staple for decorative lighting in Racine for many years," said John Rooney, Assistant Commissioner of Public Works/Engineering for the City of Racine. "The fixtures match the look from the trolley car days and were an obvious choice based on our past success with Holophane Granville luminaires."

Granville LED Indirect fixtures are mounted on decorative black 24-foot SiteLink aluminum shaft poles with a fluted base and gold ball at the top, replicating the trolley poles that once lined State Street. Each fixture is accented with a gold band and ribs and the twin assembly is installed at a 17-foot height perpendicular to the roadway.

A total of 114 Granville LED fixtures illuminate the roadway and sidewalk, with two luminaires mounted per pole. According to Rooney, the city selected the SiteLink poles because they provide the flexibility of adding attachments—such as street and regulatory signs—without banding.

"We also liked the strength offered by the aluminum shaft and the appearance of the two-fixture pole," he said. The SiteLink poles are spaced 80 feet in an opposite arrangement on both sides of the street. Illumination levels measure 1.8 footcandles on average, with a less than 3:1 uniformity ratio.

Detroit LED RenovationFixtures are illuminated dusk until dawn and controlled by photocell. Based on past experience with LED lighting, the city expects the luminaires to require virtually no maintenance for many years. The city specifies LED lighting for all new construction projects.

"The LEDs and drivers have provided excellent service in the past," Rooney said. "There's no need to wipe the fixtures down because the rain and snow keep the prismatic glass globes clean. The Granville LED Indirect luminaires have an IP66 rating and are constructed so the effect of dirt and water does not reach the interior."

Rooney indicated the city has received nothing but positive comments regarding the lighting system. "The Granville LED luminaires create a daytime appearance that helps residents and visitors identify the area, with a nighttime look mindful of yesteryear," Rooney said. "The fixtures also provide plenty of light on the roadway to help ensure driver and pedestrian safety." The City of Racine has several lighting projects planned that will incorporate decorative Granville LED luminaires.

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