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Visibility for traffic flow and security were two factors that Sacramento International Airport officials had to consider when choosing a lighting system for the facility's public and rental car parking lots.

Sacramento International is an air carrier facility handling about 6.5 million passengers annually with airline and commuter flights. The site includes air cargo and repair facilities, as well as public services such as parking, rental car agencies, restaurants and lodging.

"We wanted to promote safety and security for employees and public users," explained James H. Lambert, airport manager for planning and development, County of Sacramento, Department of Airports.

Fixtures were selected by the electrical contractor, Royal Electric Company of Sacramento, to meet the requirements listed in the project specifications.

Holophane 100-foot high mast systems with six 480-volt, 1,000-watt luminaires with portable external winch were installed in parking lots and along roadsides. Lamps used are 24,000 hour, 140,000 lumen high pressure sodium.

According to Lambert, Holophane's Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to determine pole placement. "CALA allowed us to easily analyze several options, with the data obtained accurately portraying the light intensity and distribution. The software also enabled us to re-locate or add fixtures to fill in any dark areas," Lambert said.

A total of 34 poles were used , erected using a helicopter , with spacing varying according to the application. Parking lots with several poles, for example, have a spacing of 380 to 450 feet.

Average design footcandle level is 3.97. Fixtures are typically illuminated from dusk to dawn for an average of 81 hours per week. The units are also illuminated when inclement weather limits visibility. Control is provided by photo cell via a programmable controller network with remote on-off capabilities and run time recording.

Lambert indicated that the Holophane units offer advantages such as uniform illumination, wide pole spacing, and energy savings.

"The light distribution is uniform and intensity is high," he described. "Greater pole spacing also limits interference with operational areas such as automobile parking lots and aircraft parking aprons."

The top 20 feet of each pole was painted flat black for this application to reduce the glow produced by the lamps reflecting off the galvanized pole. This reflected glow produced a halo effect which obscured the vision of personnel in the air traffic control tower when they tried to look at an area beyond a lighted pole.

High mast units are being maintained by airport electricians (county general services). Lambert said the units are easy to maintain due to the reliability of the lowering devices.

Initially, maintenance will be required for failures only. After five or six years, however, a group relamping program will be developed.


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