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Ports Port of Seattle - Terminal 46 relight

Port of Seattle Terminal 46 uses half as many
luminaires to meet state lighting requirements

Utility kicks in 25 percent of project cost based on anticipated energy savings

Port of Seattle - Holophane High Mast LightingTime is money at the Port of Seattle, recognized as one of the most diverse port facilities in the U.S. When ships dock, longshoremen must be able to load and unload them as quickly as possible so the vessels can set sail again. Energy efficiency is also important, with the port boasting the lowest carbon footprint for containers moving from Asia to the Midwest.

When the Port of Seattle Terminal 46 recently planned a lighting retrofit at its 101-acre facility, management wanted to reduce the port's energy consumption and boost light levels for longshoremen who use cranes to transfer containers on and off ships and forklifts to move them within the yard.

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industry requires a minimum of five footcandles for marine lighting. The 600 1,000-watt high pressure sodium floodlights that previously lit Terminal 46—which were nearly 30 years old—had lost much of their efficacy.

Visors intended to reduce light trespass and sky glow hampered light distribution, with fog and salt water air exacerbating the situation. The yard was plagued with shadows, especially in areas where containers are stacked as high as 70 feet.

"Longshoremen work very hard and very fast when a ship is in port," said Gore Singh, senior electrical engineer for the Port of Seattle. "They must have sufficient illumination to be able to safely maneuver containers and equipment."

Port of Seattle - Holophane High Mast LightingTerminal 46 retrofit the aged floodlight system with High Mast Advanced Optix (HMAO™) Series luminaires from Holophane with symmetrical distribution and full cutoff. A total of 290 fixtures were mounted on the 25 existing steel 100-foot poles using existing wiring, stainless steel nuts and bolts that will not rust in the fog and salt water air, and compact 1,000-watt HPS lamps.

Seattle City Light paid approximately 25 percent of the project costs—including installation—based on anticipated energy savings.

The number of luminaires mounted per pole varies based on the spacing between poles, which ranges from 400 to 450 feet. Some poles have six luminaires, with poles spaced 450 feet apart supporting as many as 16 fixtures. The port supplemented the HMAO units with 12 Prismbeam® II floodlights with shrouds. Floodlights are installed in areas where poles are farther apart but require a concentration of focused light.

Illumination levels range from 5 to 10 footcandles, exceeding Washington State Department of Labor and Industry requirements. Although light pollution was not an issue since the port is located in a commercial area with no surrounding residences, light pollution was significantly reduced and the illumination used to directly light the site.

Port of Seattle - Holophane High Mast Lighting"The fixtures' directional control allowed us to meet the state's requirements with half as many luminaires, which represents a tremendous energy savings," Singh said. "The compact high pressure sodium lamps also provide better, more uniform illumination."

Fixtures are lit approximately 4,000 hours a year, with photocells used to control the circuits. Switches over-ride the luminaires when the majority of units are not required because of inactivity. Two luminaires remain on security mode throughout the night. "We are very pleased with the system and will use the Holophane fixtures in the future as we retrofit other areas of the port," Singh said.

Rick Blackmore, general manager for Total Terminals International, LLC, the tenant at Terminal 46, has worked at the port since 1994. "The previous fixtures operated beyond their life expectancy and had become very expensive to maintain," he said. "The new system is highly functional and provides more light for longshoremen without so many shadows."


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