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Prismatic lighting helps juice plant "make the grade"

Tropicana is one of the biggest names among juice manufacturers in the United States. The company's juice production plant in Bradenton, Florida, is more than 200 acres, with over 60 acres under one roof.

When the facility, which makes Tropicana Pure Premium, Twister, and Sparkler, was retrofitting the lighting in both a storage and production area, the fixtures selected to replace the existing incandescent units were Holophane Prismalumes with prismatic glass lens.

"One of the main reasons the Holophane units were specified is because of the 20 percent uplight," explained Glen Johnson, head electrical engineer, Tropicana Products, Inc.

"With the prismatic lens, we were able to eliminate the 'cavern effect' that made the facility appear dark. We were also able to reduce glare because of the way the prisms and the glass reflectors distribute the light."

A total of 46 fixtures with 400 watt high pressure sodium lamps were installed in the paletized area where boxes of products are transports onto pallets and shrink wrapped. with plastic. The high pressure sodium fixtures produce more lumens per kilowatt and offer higher efficiency because air can go through the reflectors, constantly clearing the inside of the fixture so there is no dirt accumulation. The Prismalumes replaced incandescent fixtures, and are mounted at 25 feet, spaced 20 feet on center.

Prismalumes with 400 watt high pressure sodium lamps were installed in the cold room where food processing and cartoning functions are performed. The units replaced incandescent fixtures previously used in theis area, which is maintained at 34 degrees.

"The Prismalumes' high efficiency reduces the refrigeration load because the fixtures run cooler. The electrical load is also decreased," Johnson said.

Footcandle levels in the cold room are 30 maintained, and 15 in the palletized area where there is less activity. Johnson said the Holophane fixtures in both areas have been highly priased by employees for their brightness and uniformity.

"The work space is much more comfortable," Johnson described. "Visibility is improved because there are fewer shadows and less glare."

Presently, a schedule for relamping and cleaning the fixtures has not been developed. However, Johnson feels maintenance will be relatively easy because of the Prismalumes' quick disconnect feature. The ability to completely remove the fixtures from the work area will allow repairs to be made without disrupting production.


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