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Street Lighting City of Zebulon, GA

GlasWerks II lighting fixtures add to
historic Zebulon's visual appeal
City gains look of yesteryear, reduces energy usage

GlasWerks II at Zebulon, GAThe City of Zebulon, Georgia—like Pike’s Peak—was named after explorer and War of 1812 hero Zebulon Montgomery Pike Jr., who discovered both areas during the same expedition.  Located in central Georgia and serving as the county seat for Pike County, Zebulon was incorporated in 1825 and still reflects its early 19th century heritage. Many city structures—including the red brick court house—were constructed in the mid to late 1800s and continue to serve as Zebulon landmarks.

During a recent revitalization project, the city beautified its downtown by renovating and painting building facades, adding trees and colorful flowers, brick pavers, wrought iron furniture and underground utilities.

Funded in part by a Tea-21 Grant awarded to improve highway safety, the project included retrofitting the cobrahead lighting fixtures that had illuminated city streets for many years. The fixtures used 100- and 150-watt high pressure sodium lamps.

Theresa Railey, Account Executive, Outdoor Lighting for Georgia Power, said city officials discovered period photos and wanted to replicate the look of the historic luminaires employed during an earlier era. The city selected Euro-styled Holophane GlasWerks® II luminaires with Radial Wave housing based on their similarity to the earlier fixtures and their ability to meet the project’s criteria, which were designed in accordance with IES RP-8.

GlasWerks II at Zebulon, GAGlasWerks II luminaires were mounted on 12-foot Hamilton style poles in the downtown area, around the court house square and near the Veterans Memorial. They were also used along Highways 941, 18 and 109, which serve as major thoroughfares connecting Zebulon to surrounding cities.

Nineteen luminaires were installed during the revitalization project’s Phase I, with the city planning to use GlasWerks II luminaires during the project’s Phase II.

“This is the first time the city has installed a decorative lighting fixture,” Railey said. “Since the city leases the fixtures from Georgia Power, the fixtures not only had to look good but they needed to be designed to withstand the rigorous requirements of a utility environment.”

GlasWerks II luminaires—which use 150-watt high pressure lamps—feature a borosilicate glass refractor that controls light and enhances uniformity. The Hamilton poles incorporate arms and brackets and are placed eight feet from the curb face.

Poles are spaced 70 to 90 feet apart, depending on existing conditions and Georgia Department of Transportation requirements.

GlasWerks II at Zebulon, GARailey indicated that even though the GlasWerks II luminaires are similar to the period fixtures shown in early photos, they complement both the historic and more modern structures in Zebulon’s downtown. Illumination levels are 1 footcandle average maintained.

“Everyone is pleased with the way the fixtures look and perform,” she said. “They provide a much cleaner light than was possible with the previous cobrahead luminaires.”

The GlasWerks II fixtures are controlled by photocell and illuminated dusk until dawn. Georgia Power is responsible for servicing and maintaining the luminaires.


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