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Prismatic glass luminaires enhance security,
stimulate traffic in Atalanta suburb

Twenty-five years ago, the city of Alpharetta, Georgia was a farming community separated from Atlanta by 25 miles of gently rolling hills. Today, Atlanta’s far-reaching urban tentacles have transformed the area into a bustling suburb with a burgeoning residential and corporate population. During the past decade, several Fortune 500 companies—including AT & T and State Farm Insurance—have begun to call Alpharetta home.

With a rapidly expanding business district, city officials were concerned about the safety of pedestrians and motorists coming to the downtown area after dark. The lantern-style luminaires that had been installed during an earlier renovation had clear panels that exposed the bare 100-watt high-pressure sodium lamps. The result was a disabling glare that was particularly distractive during inclement weather.

While the city was searching for a lighting system that would replace the existing luminaires, Ken Cutts, senior lighting engineer, Georgia Power Company, discovered photographs showing acorn-style lighting fixture used by the city during the 1920s and ‘30s. Cutts recommended that the city replace the lantern-style units with Granville® luminaires from Holophane.

The Granville fixtures—which resemble the acorn-shaped luminaires installed in the city decades earlier—have a prismatic glass refractor that directs light beams in the pattern desired for lighting uniformity. The fixture’s glass cover and a 150-watt high-pressure sodium lamp combine to create a soft, quaint glow that emphasizes the detail in the red brick storefronts. City officials requested that the HPS lamps be used because they give the impression of candlelight as opposed to the stark white light cast by metal halide lamps.

“The Granville luminaires look better and are more historically correct for this part of Georgia than the colonial lantern-style fixtures,” Cutts said. “They complement the stately brick homes and commercial structures located throughout Alpharetta.”

Thirty-five Granville luminaires were installed on the existing poles along South Main Street. The poles are mounted in the brick paver sidewalk and located three feet from the asphalt roadway and eight feet from the storefronts. Planters were installed as part of the project.

An additional 40 Granville fixtures with 150-watt HPS lamps were used to illuminate adjoining streets. The units are mounted on custom decorative steel poles from Holophane that were painted “Alpharetta Green” to blend in with the landscape.

Washington Postlite® luminaires from Holophane replaced the post-top fixtures previously located on the traffic signal poles at the intersections. The acorn-style fixtures are mounted on the existing poles and use 400-watt HPS lamps. A total of 27 Washington Postlite fixtures were installed.

Illumination levels are one footcandle on the streets and sidewalks and 2 footcandles at the intersections. Both the Granville and the Washington Postlite luminaires are controlled by photocell and turn on 15 to 30 minutes before dusk and shut off 15 to 30 minutes after dawn.

“City officials are very pleased with the Holophane fixtures,” said Cutts. “The luminaires are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they provide pedestrians and motorists with a sense of security. As a result, more people are coming downtown to the restaurants and other businesses after dark.”

Georgia Power Company has assumed responsibility for maintaining the luminaires. Both the Granville and Washington Postlite fixtures are on a standard four-year rotation during which the lamps and photocells are replaced and luminaries are cleaned.


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