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Sports 1996 Olympics - Atlanta, GA

Holophane lights way to Olympics

Many roads in Atlanta will lead to the 1996 Olympic Games. And many of those main corridors will be illuminated with customized poles and lighting fixtures from Holophane Corporation.

According to Dick Peterson, manager for Holophane's Unique Solutions Division, the lighting system developed for the Olympics utilizes a "teardrop" fixture from the 1920s, combined with a custom-made pole that includes a replica of the seal for the city of Atlanta. The fixture features the same glass refractor used in Holophane's Esplanade® unit, but has a glass reflector in the top and luminous panels that allow the fixture to maintain its appearance at night.

"The pole, arm and luminaire were custom-developed for this project and will become a signature piece for the city of Atlanta," described Peterson. He added that the pole was fabricated by Holophane's Antique Street Lights Division, with the luminaire developed by the company's Unique Solutions division.

Presently, Holophane has orders for nearly 1,000 of the customized units, with this number expected to grow to several thousand by the time Olympics-related construction is completed. Holophane began working with the Corporation for Olympic Development two years ago on a prototype and successfully bid the project last December.

"We started manufacturing in late June and will be continuing through the end of the year," Peterson said.

In the past, Holophane has been involved in lighting many high-profile projects, such as both houses of Congress, Westminster Abbey and various cities--like the historic lighting in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Embarcadero waterfront district in San Francisco.

Peterson feels the popularity of historic-looking fixtures is growing because they create a sense of nostalgia and reflect a simpler time.

"The fixtures are more humanistic," he said. "But although their styling does not appear high-tech, their optics and electrical systems are state-of-the-art."

Headquartered in Columbus, Holophane has been the leader in lighting solutions for 100 years. The company provides lighting systems for commercial, industrial, emergency and outdoor applications.


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