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Attracting Juniors and Young Men’s customers was a key design objective during the recent renovation of the Bealls Department Store in Plant City, Florida. The project involved doubling the store size from 35,000 to over 72,000 square feet.

To attract younger customers, Bealls wanted to create a specialty store environment at the front door while preserving the overall feel of the store, said architect William C. Zoller. “We used ceiling elements, lighting, color, fixturing, and music to create an industrial modern feeling without walling the area off from the rest of the store.” Zoller is a partner with Zoller Associates, Architects and Interior Designers, Sarasota, Florida. The renovation involved removing the acoustical tile ceiling and opening the area up to expose the ductwork and metal roof deck. The ceiling was spray painted dark gray with a hot pink curving edge installed around the perimeter. Store fixtures complemented the high-tech look with chrome racks, glossy black slotted walls, jukeboxes and TV sets.

“The goal was to attract the younger shoppers and bring them into the department. If they were in another part of the store, we wanted them to notice that something was very different in this area,” Zoller explained. The 5,800-square-foot Juniors Department is located in the front of the store between the two main entrances.

Because the design included keeping the ceiling dark, Bruce Kopp, associate engineer, Forney Engineering, Inc., Bradenton, Florida, specified Holophane Perflector® luminaires with 250-watt metal halide pulse start lamps for ambient lighting. The cylindrical-shaped Perflector fixtures incorporate a ballast housing with small perforations that allow a small amount of light to shine upwards toward the ceiling. The units include Holophane’s Endural® glass reflector with an aluminum cover.

“Although the Perflector fixtures supply 100 percent downlight, the perforations provide enough light on the ceiling to create a certain sparkle. This small amount of light gives depth to the ceiling and eliminates the cave effect because it’s not totally black up there,” Kopp said.

The Perflector luminaires were mounted 12 feet above the floor, suspended on chains from the 22-foot metal roof deck. The units were spaced 15’ x 15’ on average—although the spacing varied according to the aisle location. Four-foot fluorescent fixtures with T-8 lamps were used to wash the walls with light, and minimal track lighting was employed to highlight merchandise.

According to Kopp, light output from the previous metal halide system tended to vary greatly, creating dark, dreary spaces within the department. When the Perflector luminaires were specified, Kopp was looking for fixtures that were designed specifically for retail applications and would provide the consistent illumination needed.
“We wanted to make the merchandise appear brighter and more appealing” Kopp said. “We believe strongly in the importance of lighting as a merchandising tool.”

At other Bealls Department Store locations, separate entrances and signage were created to help differentiate the Juniors Department. The new design in the Plant City store, however, made these extra promotional tools unnecessary.

“Because of the open ceiling and the lighting, shoppers feel like they are entering another store,” Zoller confirmed.
He added that one of the best indications of the success of the new design is increased sales.

“This market (the juniors) has always been difficult for Bealls because of the chain’s reputation for marketing to an older customer,” Zoller said. “The new design has created a completely different feel for this department. Since the project was completed, sales have jumped significantly, which means the new design is doing what we intended.”

Perflector luminaires were also installed in the back of the store in the Home Furnishings Department, which houses the coffee bar. The department offers a range of colorful kitchen accessories—from plates and towels to teapots, cups and flavored vinegar.

The renovation involved removing the lay-in ceiling in the 5,100-square-foot department, raising the roof, and installing a 40’ x 40’ clerestory. The clerestory includes a 7-foot vertical glass wall above the roof that slopes to the north, allowing the natural light to shine in without the heat and brightness of the full sun.

Throughout the department, the exposed ceiling was painted white, with fluorescent fixtures installed for lighting along the walls. The Perflector luminaires were installed 12 feet above the floor, spaced 15’ x 15’ on average. Minimal track lighting was also used.

Due to the natural light coming into the department, illumination levels are as high as 200 footcandles during the day and 40 to 70 footcandles at night.

“The area is very bright—even at night. People tend to compensate for the lower light levels because they can see the night sky outside. The dip in the illumination is not apparent because the wall washing tends to smooth out the light,” Kopp said.

The Home Furnishings Department can be distinguished from other areas even when customers are standing at the front of the store. This is important since the post office, a gift wrapping station and other services are located at the back.

“People are attracted to the area—even men who are waiting for their wives,” Zoller described.
The new ceiling design and lighting system is being utilized in other Bealls stores, depending upon the location and the market served.

Bealls operates 293 stores in eight states. Sixty-nine of the locations are Bealls Department Stores, with 195 Bealls Outlet stores and 29 “My Gift Cottage” locations. Since the chain-wide remodeling project began, a number of the stores have been expanded to 50,000 square feet and up to 90,000 square feet. Bealls is based in Bradenton, Florida.


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