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Long Island Power Authority uses
Mongoose luminaires to resolve light
trespass issues for popular diner

Complaints from residents who live behind the popular Bellmore Diner in Bellmore, Long Island incited the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) to re-aim the two floodlights that illuminated the diner’s entranceway and parking lot at the front of the business. Neighbors in this suburban area were angry that the floodlights were shining glaring light into their homes and onto their properties. The 24-hour Bellmore diner is located on a four-lane highway that traverses Long Island.

When re-aiming the floodlights did little to improve the situation, LIPA, which owns the lighting system and leases it to the diner, was faced with two alternatives: to replace the floodlights with other luminaires or remove the lighting system entirely.

“We did not feel the latter was an option since removing the luminaires and poles would have been expensive and would have left the diner without any way to light the entranceway and parking lot,” said Juliana C. Griffiths, program manager, Long island Power Authority. “Even though this is certainly not a high crime area, the diner owner was concerned about keeping the exterior of his business lit to help assure the safety and security of his customers.”

As a test, LIPA removed the two floodlights and replaced them with two Mongoose® luminaires from Holophane—one with a 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamp and the other with a 400-watt metal halide lamp. The Mongoose luminaires are full-cutoff fixtures that direct the light downward to the area where it is needed. The luminaires were mounted on the existing poles at 25 feet and spaced 110 feet apart.

“Because the Mongoose fixtures’ appearance differs from that of the floodlights, the diner owner was skeptical at first that the luminaires would be able to provide the quality and quality of illumination he wanted after dark,” Griffiths said. “During the test period, we had to convince the diner owner that the Mongoose luminaires would meet his lighting needs—while demonstrating to the neighbors that the fixtures would not create trespass light.”

Based on the satisfaction or both the diner owner and the neighbors, LIPA left the Mongoose fixtures in place as the permanent light source. The fixtures still use the high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps.

“Using both metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps in this type of application seems a bit unconventional,” said Griffiths. “But we found the metal halide lamp provides a whiter, brighter light with excellent color rendering while the high-pressure sodium lamps supplies a greater spread of illumination.”



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