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Berryville Graphics selects prismatic lighting
to promote employee safety

Fire prevention is always a concern in any facility that handles large volumes of paper. When Berryville Graphics added a 5,700-square-foot baler room and a 49,000-square-foot warehouse to its existing Berryville, Virginia printing plant, the company wanted to reduce the likelihood of fire and promote employee safety. Berryville Graphics is a leading book manufacturer, publishing high quality adult trade, juvenile trade and four-color coffee table books.

In the baler room, waste paper is compacted and compressed into bales before it is recycled. Workers in this area must have enough light to safely adjust and repair the machinery.

“Because of the dirt and oils in the air, we wanted a vapor-tight luminaire that could withstand the vibration of the machinery and would hold up to periodic wash downs,” said John L. Clark, senior electrical designer, Wiley & Wilson, Richmond, Virginia. “Some of the equipment is very tall, so we needed a high bay fixture that could effectively illuminate the spaces in and around the machines.”

Fourteen Petrolux â II luminaires from Holophane with 400-watt pulse-start metal halide lamps were installed in the baler room, mounted at 28 feet and spaced 20 feet on center. The sealed fixtures have a rugged prismatic glass refractor that provides high levels of vertical illumination on the machinery to facilitate maintenance.

“The Petrolux II fixtures protect the lamp from the dirt and oils in the air,” said Clark. “They also eliminate any concerns we had about the metal halide lamps having a non-passive end of life, which could have resulted in fire if we had installed an open bottom luminaire.”

CentaGlo â luminaires from Holophane with 400-watt pulse-start metal halide lamps were installed in the warehouse where rolls of paper are stored after they arrive at the plant. paper that is brought in must be acclimated to the indoor temperature and humidity, which requires moving the rolls with a forklift.

“Employees must have enough light so they can safely maneuver the forklifts among the stacks,” Clark said.

The CentaGlo fixtures are mounted at 30 feet and spaced 20 feet on center. Because the stacks in the warehouse are temporary and will later be replaced with permanent racks, the fixtures were installed on unistruts so they could be moved as needed. Existing stacks are 20 feet high, with the aisles six to eight feet wide. Eventually, the paper will be stacked up to 25 feet, with the aisles up to 14 feet wide.

“Installing the luminaires on the unistruts provides us the flexibility we will need to accommodate the future stacking mechanism,” said Joe Cronin, P.E., senior vice president, Wiley & Wilson. “The fixtures’ indirect lighting component allowed us to reflect light off the bottom of the roof while providing the task lighting we needed on the stacks and the floor.”

The CentaGlo luminaires are pendant mounted at 28 feet and spaced 20 feet on center. Illumination levels in the both the baler room and the warehouse are 60 footcandles in the open areas and 45 to 50 footcandles in areas with ductwork and machinery.

“The CentaGlo and Petrolux II luminaires are well suited to both of these facilities because they place the light where it is needed to effectively illuminate each space,” said Clark. “We also like the fact the fixtures have a low maintenance factor and will not yellow over time.”

Fixtures in the baler room and the warehouse are illuminated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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