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Branson, Missouri is not only the performance venue for some of country music’s hottest stars, but it is a tourist destination for more than seven million visitors each year. Recently, Branson added another shopping and entertainment venue with construction of Branson Landing, a master-planned, $300 million project created by the city and HCW Development Company.

Located on 95 acres stretching between historic downtown Branson and Lake Taneycomo, Branson Landing combines premier shopping, dining and entertainment with waterfront luxury condominiums, two hotels, a marina and a new convention center. Designed as a community that encourages visitors to wander its winding streets, Branson Landing is divided into six architecturally distinct shopping and entertainments districts, each with its own activities and attractions.

Visitors may dine in one of the family restaurants in the Neighborhood district, which has a newsstand and corner grocery store. They can stroll through the Wharf district, where they will detect the sounds of seagulls flying overhead piped in through speakers.

In the Downtown district with its 2 ½-acre Town Square, they can enjoy entertainment in the 1,500-seat amphitheater or delight in the spectacle of the towering lighted water fountain replete with fireballs and gyrating jet streams. The water attraction was created by the same designers that took the Bellagio Fountains to Las Vegas.

When it came to lighting the six pedestrian shopping districts, Kenneth Klemmer, design director, Illuminating Concepts, wanted the lighting system to be as unique as the architecture and attractions. The lighting fixtures also had to complement the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains, which serve as a backdrop.

Ambient light for the shopping districts is provided by prismatic Washington PostLite®, Arlington®, Dorchester®, Esplanade®, Vienna® and Mongoose® fixtures from Holophane. Each luminaire style is matched to the architecture in the district where it is installed.

“This is a live and work community accessible to visitors and residents 24 hours a day,” said Klemmer. “We selected the prismatic luminaires because they have the optics to distribute light on the walking surfaces and building facades.”

Branson Landing is the first project to use Illuminating Concepts’ “Smart Streets” street lighting system, which projects sound and colored illumination throughout the development. The patented system includes a concealed speaker system (CPS) within the pole and a patent-pending color changing luminaire that provides highly efficient white light and more than a million selectable colors.

Klemmer designed the prototype for the “Smart Streets” lighting system at home and worked with Holophane to create custom luminaires and poles that house the color changing mechanism and the speaker system. Three colored glass flags (cyan, yellow and magenta) are placed above the metal plate at the top of the lamp and reflector assembly.

As one of the colored flags passes in front of the lamp, the emitted light becomes the color of that flag. When two flags partially pass in front the lamp, the two colors mix to form a third color. The color continues to intensify as more of the flag passes in front of the lamp, resulting in up to 1.3 million colors.

“We wanted to provide visitors a totally unique experience that would be choreographed with various show features such as the music and fountains,” said Klemmer. “We approached Holophane about manufacturing the luminaires because we had worked with the company in the past to develop custom lighting solutions and knew Holophane would have the ability to integrate the Illuminating Concepts CPS system into its poles and luminaires.”

Color changing luminaires and poles with audio capabilities are installed in prime pedestrian locations and entrances. Areas considered “back of house” are lit by luminaires with white light and no audio. The Mongoose luminaires, for example, are installed in the parking lots and provide white light only without audio.

Tear-drop shaped Esplanade luminaires are installed in the Town Square, a sophisticated city themed area with five- and six-story structures. The luminaires include a precise optical system that emits a low brightness and soft glow reminiscent of street lights from an earlier era. Uplight from the fixtures softly accentuates building facades and creates an open visual environment.

Acorn-shaped Washington PostLite luminaires light the Uptown and Downtown transitional areas, which are slightly smaller scale. The fixtures’ prismatic glass optical system directs the light in the desired pattern, providing excellent lighting uniformity and a subtle sparkle without wasted upward illumination.

The Station district, which is home to the trolley stop, is illuminated with a Victorian gas light style Dorchester fixture similar to those used to light American streets during the late nineteenth century. Each fixture includes a translucent acrylic dome that emits a soft upward glow to emphasize the luminaire’s classic Victorian shape and gently light foliage and building facades.

Eight-sided Arlington luminaires are installed in the Country district, which features homey Ozark-themed architecture. The Arlington fixture is a lantern-style unit with a one-piece fully prismatic glass refractor designed to maximize pole spacing and provide excellent lighting uniformity.

Vienna luminaires, which are part of Holophane’s GlassWerks® II series, provide illumination in the Wharf district, a nautically themed area with access to the waterfront. The Euro-styled fixtures have a contemporary appearance, with a prismatic glass optical assembly shielded by a stepped shallow dome cut-off reflector and top-mounted cast aluminum ballast assembly.

“The prismatic luminaires create an omni directional light source that results in a comfortable and highly visual environment,” said Klemmer. “Using the Holophane luminaires allowed us to take advantage of refractor technology while achieving the desired color changes.”

The color changing luminaires have 150-watt metal halide lamps, with 100- and 250-watt lamps used with fixtures in other locations. All of the luminaires are mounted on aluminum Hamilton poles with aluminum shafts.

Pole heights vary according to the luminaire styles and the surrounding architecture. In the Town Square and the Uptown and Downtown areas where the buildings are several stories high, taller 21-foot poles were used so they relate visually. Poles are 10 ½ feet in the Country, Station and Wharf districts where the buildings are not as tall.

Color changing luminaires are generally located 60 feet apart with staggered spacing. The white light luminaires are spaced between 80 and 120 feet, depending upon their location.

The Holophane luminaires are supplemented with numerous white light decorative fixtures and some color changing fixtures mounted on buildings. Light levels are approximately 2.5 footcandles when the luminaires are in the white light mode.

“The color changing luminaires and audio system coupled with the different architectural styles create a fantastic environment,” said Klemmer. “The Holophane luminaires are durable and reliable and the illumination is very comfortable for pedestrians.”

Fixtures are illuminated from dusk until dawn with the luminaires controlled by Illuminating Concepts’ MediamorFX system, which provides interactive, monitored Web accessible control for all lighting, audio and multimedia functions. Illuminating Concepts created a maintenance manual that Branson Landing personnel follow to assure the luminaires and audio system operate at peak performance.


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