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Prismatic lighting helps guide customers
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The popularity of perishables and home-meal replacements is causing supermarket designers to rethink the layout of their stores as customers head to these departments—often without more than a quick stop in other areas. In an effort to encourage customers to shop the entire facility, Copps Supermarket designed its new 58,000-square-foot store in Neenah, Wisconsin with destination departments—or “stores within the store.”

Customers can easily identify each department according to its very visible impact signage. Product commodity signs provide more detailed information and identify the categories within each department. The store also uses a combination of vinyl composition tile, solid vinyl and linoleum flooring plus specialty lighting and different shelf heights to guide shoppers into the various departments.

“While we were striving to create individual destinations within the store, we knew we needed to have an element that would tie the various departments together and promote a sense of flow,” said Brian Erdman, a designer with CIP International, Fairfield, Ohio.

“We used the ambient lighting system to provide this cohesiveness.”

Retailer® luminaires from Holophane are mounted on the open bar joist ceiling, installed 16 feet above the finished floor. The luminaires use 400-watt coated metal halide lamps and are spaced 16 feet on center above the aisles—although the spacing varies according to the store layout. If the luminaires were going to be too close to the soffit or a wall, for example, they were moved away from the obstacle to eliminate potential hot spots.

“We like the prismatic glass reflector on the Retailer luminaire because we feel it is more attractive than an acrylic reflector,” said Erdman. “The glass is also cleaner and maintains its appearance and efficiency over time.”

The ambient lighting is supplemented with various types of halogen and fluorescent fixtures to create a theatrical feel that helps differentiate each department. In the produce department, linear fluorescent fixtures are suspended nine feet above the floor, with recessed track lighting installed in the ceiling above the bakery. Track lighting is used in the deli, with recessed fluorescent units mounted along the perimeter of the frozen foods and dairy departments.

The Retailer luminaires are also installed above the expansive wire canopy that forms an archway above the checkouts. The light shines through the gold screening that is part of the steel-framed structure.

“Since the checkout is the last thing shoppers see, we wanted to leave them with a final positive impression,” Erdman said.

Illumination levels throughout the store are 75 to 80 footcandles.

“Even though defining the individual departments was essential, we knew we had to bring the lighting together so that the various store elements blend together,” said Erdman. “Products throughout the store and the store itself are crisp and well illuminated, which gives customers a good feeling and makes them want to shop here again.”


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