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Restaurants Dave & Buster's - Columbus, OH

Dave & Buster's creates unique feel
with prismatic glass lighting

Customers come to Dave & Buster’s for good food and plenty of fun. The Victorian and Art Deco-style restaurants offer the picturesque and relaxing atmosphere of an outdoor café combined with the excitement of a Las Vegas-style arcade. Guests may test their skills in a wide variety of settings—from a Chicago shootout gallery to a virtual reality downhill ski course and auto races.

“We refer to the Dave & Buster’s locations as casual, yet well-finished, wholesome adult entertainment centers,” described Melvin R. Fain, president of Melvin R. Fain Architects, Plano, Texas. Fain designed the first Dave & Buster’s restaurant in 1982 and has been responsible for 17 additional sites.

The most recent establishment is located in Hilliard, Ohio, a Columbus suburb. The 38,000-square-foot restaurant-arcade combination is smaller than the other sites, allowing the chain to offer the full Dave & Buster’s concept in major cities that represent smaller markets. Columbus is the first locale for this scaled-down version, although two other sites are under construction in Germany and Taiwan.

One element all of the Dave & Buster’s establishments have in common is the lighting. Fain has used prismatic glass fixtures from Holophane —supplemented with recessed luminaires—to create interest and to move guests from one area to the next.

Many of the fixtures are industrial-style luminaires that Holophane produced for manufacturing facilities during the 1930s. Fain used the fixtures in unique configurations with brass and black iron hardware. Above the handcrafted mahogany tables in the billiards room, for example, PGRL® prismatic glass reflector luminaires with 150-watt blue light spots are mounted in a row of three and hang from a polished brass pole. Two C1282C fixtures with 60-watt white incandescent lamps are mounted on a chain and hang from the exposed ceiling.

“We have a lot of dark wood in the billiard area,” described Fain. “The tables are solid mahogany with rosewood rails. We wanted the lighting to complement the dark wood and the Victorian feel.”

In the Grand Dining Room with its carved millwork, etched glass and Tiffany lamps, Holophane prismatic glassware forms two chandeliers with black iron hardware and a circle of 15-watt clear light incandescent lamps. Holophane’s 02454 fixture, which is an enclosed fixture, is mounted on black ironwork surrounding the three live palm trees positioned in the room. Each of the trees has four globes with 60-watt frosted incandescent lamps. To add to the turn-of-the-century outdoor feel, two Holophane acorn-shaped Granville® units are mounted on black iron posts.

Holophane 02454 fixtures are mounted with customized black brackets on the sides of the brick columns in The Midway Bar. Fain indicated he used the enclosed units in this area so that patrons looking up would not see the bare lamp.

“The glass lens is much more attractive and comfortable to view,” he confirmed.

PGRL luminaires are hung on black grappling hooks above the round tables and the booths in The Midway Bar area. PGRL fixtures are also turned upside down inside a black iron cage and help illuminate the walkway between the bar and the Grand Dining Room.

Holophane PrismGlo® Arcadia Electra luminaires are installed above the yellow and red tiled floor that winds through Dave & Buster’s Million Dollar Midway. The fixtures, which provide 40 percent uplight, are intended to emphasize the pathway as a more important area.

“The Holophane fixtures have a lot of sparkle. They get people’s attention because they provide light out the sides,” Fain said.

Holophane PrismGlo Arcadia Mentor fixtures illuminate the ShowRoom, which is used for large parties and meetings. All of the fixtures, which use 150-watt incandescent lamps, are on dimmers so they can be turned down during video presentations and slide shows. Mentor fixtures are also installed above the palm trees in the three skylights in the lobby. The units are suspended by black iron hardware.

Fain indicated Mentor fixtures are utilized in the food preparation and beverage areas because of their coloring rendering capabilities. In the past, recessed can fixtures and fluorescent fixtures were used in other Dave & Buster’s establishments.

“Florescent fixtures do not provide a true sense of the food’s appearance. We wanted our employees to see the food as our customers see it,” Fain explained.

Classics® luminaires with custom brass rings and 25-watt iridescent lamps are installed on either side of the cash register in the lobby. The fixtures are hung upside down in groups of three.

“We have continued to use the Holophane fixtures because they are high quality and provide the flexibility we need,” said Fain. “They add warmth to the various areas while providing a serviceable glow.”

Four Holophane Granville units are installed along the walkway leading to the Dave & Buster’s entrance. Wallpack units with 250- to 400-watt lamps are utilized near secure exterior door areas that provide access to employees and service personnel.


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