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Highways I-15, Salt Lake City, Utah

Olympic city promotes public safety
with Holophane Dark Skies system

As host city for the 2002 Olympic Games, Salt Lake City, is busy preparing for the millions of people who will converge on the area. As in previous venues, one of the goals is to assure that Salt Lake City is a safe destination for visitors and participants.

To this end, the state of Utah is undertaking the tremendous task of widening I-15—a major north-south corridor and a primary artery leading many of the Olympic events—to facilitate increased traffic and promote public safety.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this16-mile undertaking is its enormity. The project includes nine interchanges, 144 bridges, and more than 3.2 million square yards of concrete. Every bridge, interchange and stretch of pavement is scheduled for replacement. In addition, more than 1,000 lighting fixtures are being installed to illuminate the roadway, bridges, underpasses and tunnels.

When planning the lighting, glare and light spillover were issues since the highway dissects commercial and residential areas. Designers were concerned about light shining into the night because of residents living on the surrounding mountainsides.

More than 600 Holophane Dark Skies High Mast (HMSD) units with cutoff optics were specified for the roadway lighting. According to Chris Pesavento, the design-build contractor for the project and president and CEO for KDC, Inc., Salt Lake City, the HMSD system was selected because of its cutoff and excellent light distribution.

“The HMSD units do an excellent job of uniformly illuminating the roadway. A high level of visibility is essential on this highway because I-15 is so heavily traveled,” Pesavento said.

The HMSD system includes a prismatic glass reflector that eliminates the need for a glare-causing sag glass lens. The reflector is nine to 14 percent more efficient than enclosed aluminum reflector systems, which translates into fewer fixtures required for the project and lower energy bills.

During the design stage, Holophane’s Computer Aided Lighting Analysis (CALA) software was used to confirm the layout. Poles are 80 to 100 feet high and include two, three, four, five, six or eight 1,000-watt high-pressure sodium fixtures per pole—depending upon the light levels needed. Illumination levels averages 6.5 footcandles, with fixture spacing varying.

Pesavento indicated the HMSD system should be easy for the state to maintain because of its open, ventilated glass optics, which keep the fixtures cleaner and prevent permanent dirt depreciation. A unitized electrical assembly facilitates rapid lamp and ballast changeout. Each HMSD unit also includes an LD5 lowering device with an internal winch for lowering the fixtures to the ground.

“The LD5 is the most efficient alternative for remote locations with rough terrain at the pole bases,” Pesavento related.

Nearly 1,000 additional Holophane fixtures are being installed as part of the I-15 project, including Sign-Vue® II luminaires with 150-watt high pressure sodium lamps used for freeway sign lighting; Enduralume units with 250- and 400-watt high pressure sodium lamps utilized for underpass lighting; and Module 600® fixtures with 150-, 250- and 400-watt high pressure sodium lamps used for underpass and tunnel lighting.

“The Holophane fixtures are effective in placing the light where it is needed,” Pesavento concluded.

The 2002 Olympic Games mark the second time Holophane has helped light the way to the Olympics. In 1996, the streets of Atlanta were illuminated with the Atlanta Light, which was specifically designed for the application.


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