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Portland Port Authority again chooses
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If a lighting system is doing the job, don’t change it.This seemed to be the philosophy of the Portland Port Authority when it more than doubled the size of the parking garage at Portland International Airport.

The five-acre, six-story facility provides short-term parking for the main terminal, which it adjoins via a curving glass canopy. The first level of the garage also houses a number of offices and provides parking spaces for the airport’s car rental services. When the garage was constructed, Parkpak® luminaires from Holophane were installed on the original three levels.

Based on the system’s performance, the Parkpak units with 100-watt high-pressure sodium lamps were likewise specified for the addition. The luminaires provide a square distribution pattern for high levels of luminance on the drive areas and vertical surfaces and excellent visibility.

“Drivers and pedestrians must be able to see to safely navigate the garage,” said Mark Ramsby, IALD and associate, PAE Consulting Engineers, Portland. “This is a high traffic facility—particularly during peak periods when flights are arriving and departing.” PAE provided the electrical, lighting and mechanical design for the parking garage.

Portland International Airport is comprised of five concourses and 50 indoor and commuter gates. Air traffic is growing at a rapid 20 percent each year. Parkpak luminaires within the addition are installed on a 20’ x 30’ grid in each 60-foot parking bay.

The fixtures are pendant mounted approximately 8 1/2’ above the concrete floor, which slopes slightly for drainage. Ceilings throughout the garage are 11 to 12 feet high with the trusses 3’ to 3 1/2’ deep.

The Parkpak luminaires are installed just above the height of the bottom cord of the deepest truss. Walls throughout the garage were painted white to brighten the environment and increase the reflectance. Even when the walls are dirty, the reflectance is 60 percent or greater.

The garage was designed for 8 to 10 footcandles, which has been achieved. According to Ramsby, energy is a primary consideration in every Port of Portland project. The last bay of lighting fixtures along the parking garage perimeter (which is open) are automatically controlled by a daylight system that shuts the fixtures off when outdoor light levels are sufficient. Perimeter luminaires are lighted only at night, with the remainder of the fixtures illuminated 24 hours a day.

Luminaires throughout the garage are on a relay-based system that offers numerous options for controlling each relay. The Port has the ability to shut the luminaires off on an entire floor—although it has never used this capability because of safety concerns. The Parkpak units include a protected starter board that eliminates high voltage stress in the luminaire components when a lamp fails.

The protected starter can sense the difference between a lamp failure and a lamp drop out resulting from a momentary power interruption. In the latter case, the protected starter will restrike the lamp the same as a regular starter. All luminaires within the garage use dual arc tube lamps because they will restrike quicker. With local codes dictating that all drive lanes must be considered paths of egress, 50 percent of the fixtures are on an emergency energy generation grid.

During an emergency, the fixtures will be powered by any of three power generation sources that service the airport. The Parkpak luminaires are spot and group relamped to assure that light levels in the garage are always sufficient.

The fixtures include a modified high bay-style power hook with a disconnect that allows each fixture to be relamped or serviced without shutting off the entire circuit. “The Parkpak luminaires continue to meet the Port Authority’s needs,” Ramsby said. “We have heard no complaints and in this business, no news is always good news.”


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