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Browse the comments of just a few satisfied customers who have chosen to "Experience Lighting's Best" at Holophane.

Progress Energy

"We first chose Holophane as a partner in our Decorative Lighting Program for several reasons. The quality of their fixtures, their outstanding photometrics, and the aesthetic value that they brought to our communities.

The summer of 2004 brought four major hurricanes to our service territory. We were amazed to discover that the majority of our Holophane installations made it through the severity of these storms in excellent condition. This experience has reinforced our belief in the quality that Holophane has brought to our outdoor lighting program. We would recommend them to anyone!"

Sally Judah
Manager, Lighting Solutions
Progress Energy, Florida

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Town of Edinburg, Virginia

"I'm always happy to say good things about a great product... Not a week goes by that I don't have someone come up to me and say how much they like our new streetlights. We have a number of people who drive into Edinburg to walk at night because they enjoy walking on our well lit sidewalks.

I never hesitate to recommend Holophane to other communities and I just returned from a Virginia Main Street training where the Virginia Director told the group about the success of Edinburg's efforts to light our town. The Town Council is very  pleased that we decided to go with a quality glass fixture instead of an inferior plastic globe.

We have completed more than 50% of the Town's Historic District and plan to see the project through to its completion. Thanks for all your assistance in making our project a success."

Dan Harshman
Mayor and Town Manager

Town of Edinburg, Virginia

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Carollo Engineers

"For the past 35-years, i have enjoyed working with several holophane reps on numerous projects in the water and waste water industry. The quality of the Holophane products has always been outstanding. The representatives that have called on us have always been very professional and have helped us on numerous projects.

One outstanding example of the Holophane attitude, came about on a project for the water treatment plant for Yuma, Arizona. On this project we had specified a post top type fixture, on a painted fiberglass pole. When the fixtures arrived, the fixtures were fine but the pole finish had been badly damaged during shipment. Even though the poles were a buy-out item for Holophane, the Holophane rep, when notified of the problem , was on the next plane down to the site, and after examining the poles made immediate arrangements to ship them to a painter in Phoenix.

The poles were repainted and shipped back to the site within 3-weeks. The costs were absorbed by Holophane. There are several manufacturers that make good products; but, none of them stand behind their products as well as Holophane does."

Michael D. Daily
Electrical Designer

Carollo Engineers

Electrical Design Consultants, Inc.

"In working with Holophane on the Gilbert High School project, I had the responsibility of selecting the appropriate lighting products. At that time, John Sullivan introduced the Prismalume line to me. As we had never used any other fixture on the interior other than the shrouded aluminum type with a wire guard, I was very hesitant to introduce this new fixture.

We decided to use the Holophane exposed glass fixture with only a wire guard for protection. I had made the decision to use this fixture not only in the gymnasium but also in a library space. It was a hit with all, Architect and client were ecstatic of the light in the space and the look of the fixture... it was compared to as an industrial chandelier. It was a winner and we have used this fixture on many projects since.

Had it not been for the assurance by Holophane that this was the correct fixture to use and if not, they would replace totally, we probably would have never taken the chance that we did. We have had a long standing relationship with Holophane, not only because of the quality, but in the level of service that has been provided through thee construction process on all projects. There is none other to trust on any of our projects."

Henry Valencia, Jr.

Electrical Design Consultants, Inc.

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City of Birmingham, AL

"Would you please extend my thanks to everyone from Holophane that was involved in the Advanced Roadway Lighting Seminar held this week. In my twenty-eight years in the transportation profession, it is without question the best seminar I have been a part of.

First and foremost, the seminar was very educational. The material presented was not overly simplified and at the same time it was not so advanced that it was over anyone's head. You can tell that Holophane has quality people. They know their job and enjoy teaching about what they know. I was also impressed with how many years of employment many of your people have with Holophane.

We here in the south pride ourselves in having what we call 'Southern hospitality'. It is obvious that we do not have a monopoly on hospitality. Thank you for providing for us so graciously while we were there.

Again, Thank You!"

Dennis B. Dickey, PE
Sr. Traffic Systems Engineer

City of Birmingham, Alabama


Tyler Humphreys - Consultant / United Muffler

"I would like to thank Holophane, and their local Engineer, Jim Porter, for their expedient response and professional assistance when the United Muffler in Fairlawn, VA burned to the ground on January 24, 2005. Reconstruction began immediately requiring new HID fixtures for both the shop area and the site lighting. Holophane was not originally specified and I expressed my concern to the owner.

We contacted Jim Porter and he quickly responded with a comprehensive design including light level and fixture recommendations. Jim also went the extra mile and arranged a tour of a nearby facility allowing us to see how the Holophane fixtures compared to the brand originally recommended. This facility had one half of their plant lit with Holophane and the other half lit with the brand originally specified. After seeing the dramatic difference in uniformity and vertical illumination (over twice as much light), United Muffler changed direction and decided Holophane was the best choice for the job.

The new Holophane lighting has greatly enhanced the visual capability of the mechanics servicing vehicles both on and off the lifts. The State Inspection Area lighting, which is even brighter, allows for fast and accurate inspections while the customer waits. The outdoor site lighting emphasizes the new facility and creates a safe nighttime environment for customers and employees alike. Customers find this new environment very inviting.

Thanks again to Jim Porter and Holophane for being responsive to a hardship case. United Muffler is very proud of their new facility.

Tyler B. Humphreys ,
Lighting Consultant

Christiansburg, VA

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