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The Holophane Government National Account Group understands the infrastructure, security, and energy-efficient lighting needs of our government customers – local, state, and federal. You are increasingly challenged with the need to balance “Green” initiatives with public safety and security concerns. We will work with you, your consultants, and contractors to provide lighting solutions which meet all these requirements.

Setting the Bar
Throughout our history, Holophane has provided indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for all branches of government. We remain committed to providing the highest degree of performance at the best overall value to our government customers. Holophane’s commitment to quality is achieved by designing products that provide superior:

1) Photometric Performance
2) Energy Efficiency
3) Lowest Life Cycle Cost
4) Ease of Installation and Maintenance

We achieve more light with fewer fixtures while meeting all your criteria for the application. This ensures optimal energy reduction, proper illumination for the visual task, and the lowest maintenance costs.

Addressing Codes and Standards:
The capabilities that Holophane provides to you go beyond that of our competition. Holophane has the luminaire choices that help you and your engineering resources design the lighting system with the correct luminaire, ballast and lamp for the work being performed in the space and the environment. All of this allows governments to address national energy codes and standards, such as:

1) ASHRAE 90.1
3) Executive Order 13423
4) Title 24
5) Dark Skies

Our Commitment:

We are focused on meeting the indoor and outdoor lighting needs of our government customers:

Local, State, and Federal Agencies   Military
Departments of Transportation   Correctional Facilities
Port Authorities and Mass Transit Systems   U.S. Postal Service
Government Consultants and Contractors    

Lighting Upgrades -- Turnkey Installation Services:
In addition, Holophane has the ability to offer you a turnkey lighting retrofit and re-lighting program, through a partnership with our sister company, SAERIS. SAERIS capabilities include complete project management, auditing services, and installation of new energy-efficient lighting systems for your existing facilities.

R.O.A.M. -- Remote Operations Asset Management:
The public counts on the reliability of utility and municipal lighting systems for safety security, and visual acuity. On average 5-10 percent of light fixtures on a given system are not working at any one time. This results in customers being billed for services they are not receiving, and excessive energy consumption and costs through day-burning light fixtures.

In the past, lighting system owners and operators were unable to quickly detect, repair and manage problems with their lighting systems. They also could not provide the levels of service expected by the public. Now, with ROAM products and services, you can.

For more information please take a look at the Holophane Government and Homeland Security Lighting Capabilities Guide brochure and other information located on this page for further reference. For additional assistance, please contact the Government National Accounts Group at the phone and e-mail address listed below.



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