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Industrial and Demanding Environments
The Industrial National Account Group focuses on industrial customers who have a wide variety of processes and environments within their facilities. These environments include standard light and heavy industrial applications including what we at Holophane define as “Demanding Environments” which include Food Processing and Hazardous/Petro-Chemical facilities.

Critical areas in a Demanding Environment facility, along with light and heavy industrial facilities, require precisely designed luminaires to provide the optimum in plant floor lighting at the lowest “Long Term Operating Costs”. General use areas in your facilities, office, storage, warehouse and distribution areas may require standard fixture and lamp technologies to meet the facilities short term financial goals and objectives.

By combining Holophane’s product portfolio of precisely designed luminaires in conjunction with our standard luminaire offering, Holophane National Accounts is uniquely positioned to meet both the short term and long term sustainability within a facility to provide a completely integrated lighting system.

The Challenge of
"Sustainable Lighting"

Holophane’s industrial customers are increasingly challenged with the need to be stewards of the environment. Real pressures to become ‘Green’, the catch word that is now driving building design for new and existing plants and facilities, poses new challenges for those who want to address energy concerns.

While many lighting companies are capitalizing on this energy trend, they do so without considering the customers total cost of ownership.

Holophane embraces the challenge to deliver the best lighting environment through marketing, research and development, and new manufacturing methods to give our customers energy savings and the lowest cost of ownership.

Addressing National Regulatory Groups

The capabilities’ that Holophane provides to our customers goes far beyond that of other lighting suppliers. Holophane has the luminaire choices and design experience that will help you and your engineering and maintenance teams design a lighting system compliant with:

• Local, State, and Federal Energy codes including EISA and EPAct.
• Green Building Standards as established by Green Globes and LEED.

Setting the Bar
Industrial and Demanding Environment lighting holds many challenges and one is the need for increased light levels for safety concerns while lowering the Kilowatt usage in the new design. This is where Holophane’s luminaire technology in Optical Control, Ballast Design and Thermal Management Systems all play a key role in being able to:

• Achieve more light with fewer fixtures or reduced lamp wattages.
• Overcome any harsh environmental factors in the space with an
appropriately applied luminaire.


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