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The Holophane Retail National Account Group understands the retail business climate you and your company are operating in today. You are increasingly challenged with the need to be stewards of the environment and become "Green", which is the phrase that is now driving building design for new stores as well as addressing the need to renovate existing stores to new energy saving standards.

Becoming ‘Green’ poses new challenges for those who want to address the energy issue, but by doing so find themselves trapped by current mass produced lighting technologies that do not allow you and your company to differentiate the stores overall look and feel from the competition.

Addressing National Regulatory Groups
The capabilities that Holophane can provide to you go beyond that of our competition. Holophane has the luminaire choices that can help you create the visual appeal and differentiation that is so critical in today’s retail environment to achieve the look you desire while at the same time allowing you to address national regulatory groups & standards such as:

1) ASHRAE 90.1-2007
3) IECC (International Energy Conservation Code)
4) Title 24 (California)

Retail lighting holds many challenges and another is the need for increased light levels while lowering the Kilowatt usage in the new design. This is where Holophane’s luminaire technology in:

1) Optical Control
2) Electronic Ballast Technology for HID and Fluorescent
3) Thermal Technology

All play a key role in being able to achieve more light with fewer fixtures yet maintaining the architectural appeal that can set your company apart from your competition.

Addressing National Regulatory Groups
In addition, Holophane has the ability to assist with the redesign of existing store locations, including assistance with implementing the new lighting design through a partnership with our sister company SAERIS. SAERIS has the capability to offer complete project management to install the lighting design in existing stores on a regional or national roll out program.

For more information please take a look at the Holophane Retail Brochure and other information located on this page for further reference. For additional assistance, please contact the Retail National Accounts Group at the phone and e-mail address listed below.


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